Friday, October 11, 2013

We Are Men: A Man and his Dog

CBS went ahead and canceled this series, but I figured I might as well give a few thoughts on the second and final episode. This is particularly interesting because the only two series that have been cancelled so far are ones that TheTalkingBox had picked up to cover. If some of the early predictions are correct, Dads and Welcome to the Family could be the next to go, and are also comedies we've picked up. Here's hoping we're not just bad luck this season!
Sonja Flemming /CBS ©2013 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
We Are Men "We Are Dognappers" (S01E02): The guys are celebrating various successes, including Stuart's divorce finalization... right up until he learns that Amy is going to get the dog, despite not being a dog person. Frank suggests they steal the dog back, but it's out being walked when they get there. [haha that they have the neighbor boy go in through the doggie door!] The guys kill time by stealing some wine and watching Stuart's wedding video, which includes the honeymoon! [ugh.] Stuart has to dash off when a patient has pregnancy complications, and then Gil heads off for a camping date with his daughter when a slumber party doesn't pan out. Frank and Carter steal the dog on their own, only because Amy is oblivious. When Frank gets trapped in Stuart's bathroom as Stuart and Amy are intimate, Carter decides to go for it with Frank's daughter, Abby. [how was Stuart back from the hospital in under an hour?] In the end, Stuart and Amy get joint custody of the dog. [kinda funny to see "scenes from the next" that will never happen.] 
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