Friday, October 18, 2013

Sean Saves the World: Dating as a Dad

For Chicago, they sure act like it's New York sometimes! I'm confused as to why Sean (or Lorna, for that matter) doesn't drive Ellie to the party, especially when it's far enough away to require driving on a highway. I guess they consider dates to be more important? Not that one can presume either went well... we don't even see Lorna's, but the fact that she stopped by to check on Sean certainly can't bode all that well for the relationship! It was pretty funny to watch Sean try so hard to keep his date there, but he just kept doing the wrong things - flinging curry puffs, breaking the television, calling the cabbie repeatedly. Oh, and Max trying to sell a Magic 8-Ball-stuffed weasel was ridiculous... if that's going to be the type of character Max is, write me off now.
Chris Haston/NBC
Sean Saves the World "Date Expectations" (S01E03): Lorna interrupts Sean at work to tell him that she has set him up on a date with a periodontist, whose father she is dating. [why does that sound like a good blind date scenario??] Sean attempts to spend Saturday night with Ellie instead, but she wants to go to a party... plus, Liz tells him to stop smothering his daughter and enjoy the dating life. He does put a tracking app on her phone, but otherwise lets her go. [haha.] When Sean googles his date, Chase, he's afraid that he could be ugly, so he has Liz and Hunter come over in case things go south. [kinda funny but could have been really awkward!] But, Max comes over, thinking Sean is obsessed with him, and Sean has to pretend that he is to get him out of there. [um, I think that's going to come back to bite everyone...] It's the cute Chase, so Sean shoos the others and then starts freaking out over Ellie's situation, as she left her phone in the cab. He soon ruins his date, with the final straw being demonstrating how close he is with his mother - and always has been, as they did commercials together for the family mattress store when he was a boy, but where Sean played Lorna's husband! [AWKWARD!]
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