Saturday, October 19, 2013

Last Man Standing: Cabbage Night

The Halloween episode was simple this year... a plain kid-afraid-of-a-haunted-house plotline that gets the angle of grandma being pro-scary and mom being anti-scary. Meanwhile, Eve and Mandy are teasing one another like always, but both do genuinely care for one another and want the other to be happy. Throw in Ed randomly buying a used coffin (at Costco, no less) and Ryan prolonging his union issues by attending another strike meeting, and you've got a pretty bland holiday installment, sure to be forgotten.

Last Man Standing "Haunted House" (S03E05): The PTA Halloween fundraiser is a haunted house, and Kristin and Vanessa are in charge. [how many grandparents are part of the PTA??] Kristin wants cute, but Vanessa wants scary, and winds up taking over. At the dress rehearsal, Boyd gets overly scared and runs out. So, Kristin runs it the following night.
Mandy tells Eve that the house won't get TP'd on Mischief Night because that only happens to cool kids, and Eve doesn't have Mandy's popularity. She then feels bad so she tries to TP it for Eve, but she's caught. [she should have had a better lie. am I the only one who thinks in advance about the story you'll use if caught??] Eve then admits that she's jealous of Mandy's popularity, but her platoon TPs the house, so all is well. [haha.]
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