Friday, November 8, 2013

Fun Friday: An Arrested Development Video Game

Now that Arrested Development's fourth season has been out for months, you've certainly had time to watch the fifteen episodes, right? So spoilers are no longer a problem? Not that it matters too much, as the greatest recurrent themes about the characters came out long before the Netflix resurrection of the comedy.
Someone on the internet has come up with a fake game called Bluth Fighter and joking about Boyfights, the series of tapes that George Sr. did of his sons as children. It's only a short clip and just a few characters can be seen, but the likenesses are great, the mannerisms are spot-on, and the jokes are themed well. GOB does magic and uses a segway, Tobias is covered in blue paint and has a Carl Weathers tag-out, and even Tony Wonder being a playable character. I never really got into fighting games, though my brother and I did enjoy a WCW arcade game years ago.
What do you think? Would you play this game if it was real? Buy it?
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