Thursday, November 7, 2013

South Park: Cartman Creates a Ginger Cow

This episode was off to a great start. I found it pretty funny right up until the twist where the world religion leaders had hoped that Cartman created the Ginger Cow. That seemed unnecessary and strange, and didn't really seem to benefit anyone. The only thing that it did do, in fact, was make sure that everything was reset and the status quo was reached to start the next episode as if this had never happened. I'm not a fan of how The Simpsons uses that mechanism, and I didn't enjoy it here, either. Of course, I'm always always irked by the ginger teasing when the kids wear hats 98% of the time anyway! If Cartman hadn't seen Kyle's hair some random time, he's never even know that the kid is a redhead!
Comedy Central
South Park "Ginger Cow" (S17E06): Cartman sees a cow with red hair and red spots, so he apologizes to Kyle for saying only humans can be gingers. [what?] The other kids go to see the cow, and when the Al Aziz Network starts reporting about it, many reporters begin committing suicide. Apparently, a red cow can mean the end of times, and three Israelis show up at the school to see the cow. [weird that Kyle was supposed to translate, but the rabbis weren't actually speaking another language.] The Christians, Jews, and Muslims soon start discussing Armageddon. This causes them to realize that they're all getting along, so the cow is brought to Israel for sacrifice, in hopes of bringing peace. Even the religious symbols are merged together... creating the Van Halen logo. [and I bet that's where the inspiration for this entire episode came from... someone messed with the logo and it started coming together from there.]

Cartman soon admits that he made it all up, and tries to get Kyle to be his slave in order to not tell the Middle East the truth. [all the fart stuff was gross.] Stan tries to help Kyle, but he isn't getting anywhere, as he can't figure out what Cartman is holding over Kyle's head. [Kyle shaving his head was weird. I think more fit in with that but was cut.] Cartman and Kyle head to Israel while Stan and Kenny try to expose the truth, but Stan decides to follow Kyle's lead and cover the story for the sake of peace... only to ruin everything anyway by saying the cow came from the sky, which is not the "prophecy." [and that's where I regret watching this episode.]
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