Monday, July 26, 2010

Favorite Episodes: Sweet Valley High

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Since it has made the news in a couple different places lately that Francine Pascal will oversee a new series of Sweet Valley books, I thought I'd cover the television show.

First, I was to say that I wasn't a big fan of Sweet Valley High as a television show or as a series. I did, however, really enjoy Sweet Valley Kids, Sweet Valley Twins, and The Unicorn Club. But the television show was pretty popular when I was in middle school, so I ended up seeing most of the episodes, and then later caught the rest here and there.

The last half of the episodes are pretty much based on NONE of the books, instead taking the cast through storylines that just kinda evolved or are totally random. There are a bunch of multi-parters where someone is in danger because someone else is stupid. There are at least four episodes where they travel (off the top of my head), so we have a couple of different settings. There aren't a whole lot of school-based episodes, really. It's more based on their hangout (Moon Beach Cafe) and the random relationships that come and go amongst the characters. I will say, however, I loved their car. And I'm not even a Jeep person.

My other gripe with the series is that there was no finale. After the third season, the network changed, and a finale just wasn't written because everyone thought they'd be renewed for a fifth season.

Since there are only 4 seasons and somebody has uploaded them into two-parters, so I just embedded them. They're not all the greatest quality, though... forewarning.

Season 1: "Coma" (S01E09) Elizabeth gets into an accident on Todd's motorcycle (which is kinda Jessica's fault, as Jessica stranded Elizabeth without a ride) and goes into a coma. When she comes out, she's nothing like her former self. Instead, she's turned into a wild child. I think I like this one because of the personality change.

Season 2: "The Quick and the Blonde" (S02E11) Bruce is the really rich kid and tennis pro. His family allegedly founded Sweet Valley a long time ago. However, in this episode, Elizabeth uncovers the truth: Bruno Patman didn't really found the town. oopsies.

Season 3: "Surfing the Nets" (S03E07) I think this is such a neat episode. On one hand we have Elizabeth and Peter finding nets on the beach that belong to Shred's father. Peter wants the news story but Shred doesn't want to confront his dad. Everyone else tries to break a habit for 48 hours... if they lose they throw $25 into the pot, that will be shared by the winners at the end. Jessica can't flirt, Lila can't shop (and cracks before she even leaved the cafe), Enid can't tell family stories (and loses concert tickets because of it!), Todd can't talk about sports, and Cheryl can't be sarcastic. Winston kinda runs the bet, but doesn't participate by giving up a habit, LoL. I really like the lengths the others go to to try and make the others slip up.

Season 4: "The Right to Bare Midriffs" (S04E04) Again, a two-plotter. First, we have Winston dating a girl online, but the picture he sends her of himself is confusing, and she thinks he's Todd. This messes up their meeting. Meanwhile, Jessica, Lila, and Renata (the Brazilian girl) overreact when they hear of a school dress code, and decide to protest... at city hall.

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Anonymous said...

I was OBSESSED with the book series. A couple years ago I even hunted them down used and re-read a bunch. They are just as shallow as I remember, but the prom and earthquake books in the series have a special place in my heart for the long lost tween in me.