Sunday, August 29, 2010

Are Your Ready for the Huge Finale??

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I've been watching Huge since it premiered, and I've really enjoyed the program. I'm thinking about picking up the books this holiday season (I've mentioned before that I read a lot when I travel, and the holiday season is super-high-travel for me). I was a fan of Nikki Blonsky (Will on the show) long before this show came around, and I took a quick liking to Raven Goodwin (Becca) and Ari Stidham (Ian) as well. I'm anti-Amber, and not a big fan of Chloe (although I believe that viewers are not supposed to side with those two!), and I find the whole Dr. Rand storyline peculiar at best. I've read all sorts of interesting things on other blogs about the show (my favorite discourse is over at The Feminist Spectator), and one of the most compelling episodes (for me) is the episode with the Talent Show. I think there were some great moments, and I totally loved Ian's song.

Well, luckily, in getting psyched for tomorrow night's season finale, I wanted to hear it (Ian's song from the talent show) again. GOOD NEWS! It's going to be available to download on ABCFamily's website TOMORROW as part of Free Music Mondays! So be sure to go check it out! I'll send out a reminder from my twitter account (@TheTalkingBox) tomorrow, too.

Update: here's the link to download Ian's song, today (Monday the 30th) only!

And, speaking of music, here's a little featurette made about the music that will be featured in tomorrow night's episode!

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