Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Maci's Baby Fever, Farrah Visits CA, Amber Gets Leah

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Teen Mom "Taking it up a Notch" (S03E08): Christmas decorations are up at Bentley's daycare. They Christmas shop at Catelynn's. It's snowy at Amber's. It's cold at Farrah's and the holidays are coming up.
Maci: Allegedly, she only dropped half of her classes. [I am a little skeptical.] Maci's worried that Bentley doesn't spend enough time with other kids so they take him to a daycare. [I don't get it... Bentley's never in daycare? When Maci's in school, Kyle ALWAYS watches him? Or her parents do? What about when she was living a couple hours away? Something doesn't add up...] Bentley is afraid when Maci leaves so he cries. [I don't get why it surprises Maci though. but I suppose she hasn't spent much time reading up on child development.] Maci tells Kyle that she wants another baby. [interesting that she's still on this...] Kyle says they need to be married first. [decent response.] She wants a girl and she wants a child that she "doesn't have to give away all the time." [there's nothing wrong with wanting another child. there's nothing wrong with wanting them close together. but I'm a bit worried about how unstable she is financially...] Kyle still doesn't have a job. [only adding to me previously mentioned concern...] Maci tells her mom she's bored when Bentley's not around. [well, guess she's not taking that time to do her schoolwork... no wonder she had to drop so many courses!] Maci talks to her friends about wanting another child. [she just has baby fever!]
Amber: Amber moves into her new house... it's been a month since Amber's had Leah. [she still has ridiculous nails on!] Leah's room is princess-themed. The social worker transports Leah. [I'm betting Amber STILL doesn't have a license...] Amber goes on a date with Clint, a guy from HS who has a 14-month-old daughter.
Catelynn: Tyler misses going to school. [I imagine he's probably registered for January though, so at least he has something to look forward to.] They meet with their adoption counselor to get 18-month pictures of Carly. They tell the adoption counselor that they want Carly at their graduation and it's suggested that they write a letter instead of call, since that will give Brandon & Teresa more time. [makes sense. especially since they aren't normally phone folks.] Tyler and Butch go shopping for Christmas gifts for Carly, then Catelynn and her mom shop do. Catelynn and Tyler are happy that their parents are getting into giving Carly stuff. [me too, really.] Tyler's mom calls Teresa, which was strange and uncomfortable. [I bet!] Tyler confronts his mom about her call, and she's sorry. [she's truly sorry, which works for me.]
Farrah: She got a dual Associate's in Culinary Management and Culinary Arts. [not a bad move.] Farrah wants to move and get a Bachelor's, which she tells her dad. She wants a warmer climate like in Arizona and California, and she believes there are also more job opportunities there. Farrah is looking into moving to the Santa Monica area. [just how much does she have saved? And how long does she plan on living in a one-bedroom with a toddler??] She flies to Los Angeles for two days while her mom watches Sophia. [She packed a LOT for two days!] She meets a realtor to see some houses. Sophia won't be two for another couple months. [I guess I didn't realize how much younger she was than Leah and Bentley.] Farrah takes a tour at a school, but the construction upsets her. [omg whiner!] She isn't loving California. [can't say I blame her. I'm not the state's biggest fan, either.]
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