Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Amber Arrested, Catelynn Jealous, Farrah Lazy, Maci Busy...

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Teen Mom
"Stay with Me" (S03E10): It's not yet March for Catelynn. Otherwise, we don't have a lot to go off of regarding when this episode takes place (unless you want to look up Kyle's birthday or which days Amber's been arrested). However, and more importantly, this was the worst episode in a while. VERY little happened, and no stories were really furthered, except that Maci is still taking classes and Farrah may move to Florida. [think she's trying to go to Johnson & Wales? or the Jean-Pierre Cooking School?]

Amber: Amber got arrested for domestic battery. [not surprised.] There's a no-contact order. When Amber gets released from jail, the local news is all over her. [at least she doesn't blow up at them like you might expect.] Amber tells her mom that she needs her help. [blah blah blah]

Farrah: She wants to go to her original dream school in Florida. But her mom suggests that she leave Sophia with her while she's at college. [that's a pretty strange idea.] Farrah is tired of the dog because it's not house-trained. [God forbid Farrah ever try anything but putting the pup in diapers! She's so lazy.] So, she gives the dog to a neighbor. Farrah and Sophia fly to Fort Lauderdale. They meet with a realtor who shows them some apartments. [Farrah is her regular bossy self.] Sophia is scared to walk on the sand... and Farrah wants to live on the beach. [yeah... I doubt that's going to work out for her financially. But we'll see...]

Maci: She's back in school now. Kyle shattered his knee in a dirtbike accident and needs surgery. [ouch! sounds painful!] Maci goes to school while Kyle is home on the couch on his birthday. Ryan has stopped working and is stalling on legalizing the custody agreements. She meets with her adviser again, then she gets extensions put in her hair. [wow... what an expensive MESS. I thought it looked pretty gross. But maybe that's just because it made her hair look even thinner and stringier...] 

Catelynn: Tyler has more time to spend with friends now that he's in college. [makes sense. Though you'd think he might try to pick up some more hours at the pizza place.] Catelynn is "working hard" to finish school. [yeah, right. We found out at the end of her previous semester that she's not trying all that much.] Tyler wants to go clubbing and Catelynn feels uncomfortable in clubs because she's not "115 pounds." They go to a counseling session, and it's clear that Catelynn is jealous of the potential girls Tyler might decide he wants to be with. Catelynn just wants to be "better" and "tiny." [you know, she did make a lot of comments soon after her pregnancy about how she's not a size 3 anymore, but she hasn't discussed her weight in a long time.] Catelynn has Tyler pick out her outfit for then club, and they go with a bunch of friends. [I feel like Catelynn is starting to be needy with all those kissy-faces.]
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