Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Exes: Meet Holly's Mom

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I had mixed feelings about this episode. On the whole, it wasn't all that funny. Instead, I guess it acted to give the audience more background on the characters... mainly Holly. Judith Light made an excellent mother to Kristen Johnston, and I hope that we see her again (though certainly not as a regular). On the one hand, we didn't have to deal with Stuart being awkward around girls or Haskell just being awkward. (okay, that happened a little bit anyway...) But on the other hand, Phil still managed to illustrate how much of a ladies' man he is, and Eden was just as good at predicting Holly as always. You guys know that I don't "grade" episodes, but I don't know how I would give this one higher than a B-. And, if you've been keeping track, I haven't felt like too much of this show is really solid at all. Now, it's better than Retired at 30, but it's no Hot in Cleveland, folks. Am I expecting too much?

The Exes "A Very Wrong Engagement" (S01E06): Holly's mom has had a traveling reroute and is spending the night in New York, so she goes to visit Holly. This puts Holly in ultra-panic mode, as she needs to get the guys out of their apartment for the night, as her mother still thinks that she lives there with her fiance. [I don't know that I had realizes Phil and Haskell had been roommates for less than eight months. not that I had a ton of reasons to believe they had been together longer than that, either.] They all move some stuff back and forth, and Phil leaves Holly a list of girls who might come by and what to do with each of them. [this deserved a laugh.] Holly simply tells her mom that Brad is out of town on business. Her mom reveals that she and Holly's father wondered if perhaps Holly was gay. [you know. because all parents seem to assume that is why you aren't married and in your 30s+.] Holly tries to give her mother some wine to break the news, but her mom wants to be clear-headed to hear about the wedding plans. [well, it would make sense that something had been planned. After all, as far as her mother knows, they've been engaged at least eight months.] When Holly stumbles, her mother decides to step in and help plan the entire wedding. [you'd think Holly would have seen this coming if the same thing happened with her sister, Jill...] Meanwhile, the guys aren't having the greatest time, as Haskell is upset that there's no wifi and only basic cable at Holly's, and Phil can't find any "good" food. Things only get worse when they realize there's only one bed, and Phil makes a break for it while Stuart grabs the couch, leaving Haskell with the floor as his only real option. Haskell climbs into the bed anyway, and ends up cuddling with Phil. [perhaps it was written to be funnier than it came off?]

The next morning, Eden comes over. Holly shows up next, with a box of pastries, which Eden quickly points out are designed to make others do what she wants. Holly admits that she hasn't told her mom the truth, which means that the guys need to stay over in "the land technology forgot." [I'll give that an LoL.]
Holly's mom tricks her into going to a bridal boutique, and they both love the first dress she tries on. Well, you can kinda guess what happens next... Holly brings over a fancy gift basket to the guys, and says that she had a really nice afternoon with her mom... but still didn't spill the beans. The guys say that they'll come over and support Holly when she tells her mom. [that's a good idea. although I'm not sure how they can help.] She continues to procrastinate, even when asked about her bridal party. She even goes as far as proposing to Stuart in the kitchen, in an attempt to stay engaged, just to a different person. [I really don't know how she thought that was going to help things, but desperation does things to a person...] He has her practice telling him, but he isn't "realistic" so they switch roles, and Stuart realizes how difficult it is for Holly. But, when her mother overhears her in the kitchen, she questions why Holly has been lying to her for eight months... with some of the same lines that Stuart used, much to Holly's amazement. [...and what, exactly, was the purpose of that? to say that we don't always know how someone will react to something?]
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