Tuesday, April 10, 2012

2 Broke Girls: Pills Instead of Cupcakes

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

"I died once... I just didn't want to scare you." When Caroline questions Max's advice regarding a drug side-effect after Max claimed to have never experienced any, this is what Max uses to respond. Yes, it got a laugh, but it was a cheap shot, I thought. And, without Sophie, Oleg, Earl, and Han to make the bad jokes, the girls were left with several stupid lines this episode. Yes, it did seem like something Max's character would say anyway, but I think it could have worked better. Of course, the episode as a whole supported Caroline's past more than it did the girls' future. It's nice to remember that Caroline's dad has been in jail for months now without a trial, but the focus of the girls on their cupcake business has fallen to such an afterthought in most of the episode lately that it's getting annoying. At least the theme of the plot (you'll do anything for money when you need it) fits with the title... these girls are certainly broke!

2 Broke Girls "And the Drug Money" (S01E20): In a short-and-sweet opener, Max confronts a customer who claims to have a service dog as a registered emotional companion, only to find out that the girl wrote her own doctor's note because she can't get a date. [between this and Han's mother not forgiving him for leaving home, this episode certainly didn't get off on the right foot for funny!] 

Mr. Hutchinson, one of Caroline's father's lawyers, comes to the diner looking for her. The depositions for her father's trial are underway, and Caroline needs to go. She can't afford his $1100/hour fee, so Max suggests they enter a drug trial for $500 each, and they'll take the remaining hundred fro the cupcake fund. [if you have to go to the deposition regardless, what good is having an expensive lawyer? Can she not get an appointed lawyer? or is that only for criminal stuff?] Max was going to take part in the trial anyway, but Caroline had originally claimed that one's body is a temple and she'd never do such a thing. [it's amazing how fast you change your mind when you need money, isn't it?]

Photo: Darren Michaels/Warner Bros.
At the drug trial (where you don't know if you're in the half who gets the drug or the half receiving the placebo), they learn that there are a TON of possible side effects, including simple things like headache and vomiting to the scarier inability to walk, anal leakage, and seizures. [...and this is why I don't have the guts to do drug trials.] The girls and their roommate (it's three to a room) hang around, play board games, and eat cookies before Max begins prepping Caroline for the deposition. Caroline is fearful that she'll say something wrong and make things worse for her father, or that her "plain" answers to the questions won't convey what a good man he is. [these seem like genuine concerns to me, anyway.] Their roommate experiences RU - relentless urination - from the drug, but Max and Caroline survive the night without incident.

The next morning, they give $1100 cash to the lawyer, and Max sits in on the deposition. [all the Google and Law & Order jokes really got old to me... agree?] Caroline's tongue swells (another possible side effect from the drug) during the deposition so Max tries to talk for her. While this initially came off as sweet, it doesn't matter and they end up breaking for an hour so Caroline can finish, courtesy of the lawyer offering to work pro bono.] To thank Max for letting her use all of that money, Caroline gets her the entire Law & Order DVD set (for $30 from a guy on the subway). 

Cupcakery Savings Total: $675.00 [yep, went down again!]
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