Tuesday, May 1, 2012

HIMYM: Marshall Prepares, Ted Obsesses

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

As soon as we saw Marshall fall asleep in the car, my husband thought that Barney was going to end up hijacking the vehicle. I guessed that they'd head to Atlantic City. Then, we both figured that Lily would likely go into labor while they were gone - especially when Marshall and Barney both turned off their phones! I mean, could the episode have been more predictable here? But, that's fine by me. I'm sick of the PregnantLily storyline - it just hasn't been worthwhile AT ALL. But, sadly, it's still far better than this awful shenanigan of writing in Robin's character but not allowing Ted to interact with her directly. They've been pulling every trick in the book to carry this on, and this week we had to believe that Ted kept seeing Robin in every girl he dated... and then, every person he saw. Luckily, this junk is likely over - Ted and Robin finally "see one another" again in the end, as Robin is rushing to laboring Lily's side.

How I Met Your Mother "Good Crazy" (S07E22): Marshall and Lily host their own baby shower, with Barney and Quinn there while Ted and Robin both avoid it - in order to avoid one another. [first, why are they throwing themselves a shower? talk about tacky!] Robin comes early and Ted comes late, both bringing strollers. [I did like the "children of divorce" line about just wanting the presents.] Marshall is really into parenting preparation, even waking up every three hours at night to rock a watermelon back to sleep. [that's cute and all, but who would want to do that any more often than they had to?] To combat Marshall's over-preparedness, Lily sends him on a weekend vacation, claiming that they'll be going to a Baby Boot Camp in Paramus. Because Marshall is tired, Lily volunteers to drive, only she sticks Barney in the driver's seat and the duo are off to Atlantic City, while Lily enjoys cookies at home. [haha on Barney slicing up the practice baby! and whose Chevy was that? oh, and I always love Barney in disguise!] Marshall is still worried about Lily, so Barney tells him that, if he turns his phone off for an hour and gets drunk, he'll wear the ducky tie. [100 shots of tequila! each!] Of course, in true sitcom fashion, it's in that hour that Lily goes into labor. [so, in the image below, Barney checks his voicemail as Marshall wins some money.] 
Photo: Richard Cartwright/CBS
Other stories... After they randomly see a few of her frequent clients in the street, Barney wants Quinn to quit her job, hiring her at Goliath National Bank for $500,000/year. [for a fake, pointless job? I'd take it! I'd even move across the country for the fifth time in three-and-a-half years to take it!] Quinn, however, is happy as a stripper and doesn't want the job. ["you're welcs" ? no. just no.]

And, Ted decides to try online dating after telling Barney he'd never try it. He messages "the perfect girl," and it turns out to be Barney - who has already combed the internet for three contenders. [logarithms?? that should be algorithms!] The first girl is very much like Robin, even with the same name (but with a "y"), so, of course, he pictures her. The second girl is very negative, but having eaten lasagna with Robin, Ted pictures Robin here, too. [and people wonder why the internet hates Ted.] Girl #3 is nothing like Robin, but Ted's mind runs on tangents and he thinks of Robin anyway. He does become intimate with her, though, as they both needed a "palate cleanser." [gross!] Later, Ted even sees Robin as the MacLaren's bartender. ["it's good to really see you." "it's really good to see you." was funny, though!]
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