Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cake Boss: Skydiving, Writing, Easter with Mama

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Who realized that Cake Boss was wrapping up for the season already? I, somehow, managed to miss that fact before these episodes aired. But, no worries, TLC is about to serve up some new stuff for us to cover, including United Bates of America and Big Tiny, though the latter might not offer much that their other dwarf families haven't already. Anyway, let me start by reminding you that you can send well wishes to Buddy's mother with the hashtag #CakeBossMama or check out the wishes collection page. I personally hope that the family makes peace with what's coming, as Lou Gehrig's disease is devastating. :(  On a similar note, the line that stands out the most to me in that episode was Grace pointing out that, for a family who is around cakes ALL THE TIME, they still get very excited over them! Now, the cake they were looking at when she said this is pictured below, and it IS a sight. But more about that when we get there...

Cake Boss "Cakes on a Plane" (S05E15): [yes, that's really what they titled this one.] Some skydivers want to jump out of a plane WITH A CAKE and eat it mid-air. They'll be falling 120mph, which is "another level of crazy." [I'll say!] They offer Buddy a tandem slot, but he says he has to ask his wife. [...and then nothing else is ever mentioned about it. I was expecting someone to say SOMETHING... otherwise, why not just edit out that part?] They need to make the cake aerodynamic and deflect wind, so they plan with some ideas and get started with a wooden structure. They're going to use a couple of leafblowers to test the wind effects on the cake... only they make frail cakes on purpose to laugh as Marissa, Maurizio, and Anthony hold the barely-stacked cakes. [sometimes, I like the pranks at Carlo's. sometimes, notsomuch. this occasion fell in the latter.] OBVIOUSLY, the cakes blow apart and get all over the kids, one at a time. [I'm surprised the second two even bothered.] The guys take baths in the giant sinks, fully clothed. [this was funny.] They do a pound cake shaped like an oblong bomb for the real cake, because it's the sturdiest thing they could think of. [odd, but I have no better suggestions!] Buddy did think about covering the cake in cereal treats to make it stand up better, but that would have defeated the purpose of being able to tear through it and eat it in-flight. The end result ain't winning any beauty pageants, but function over form this time! The guys who deliver the cake stick around to watch the skydivers, and while they have trouble seeing the action, the fondant covering flies off almost immediately, but everyone is able to grab some of the cake before they deploy their chutes. [either Joe started skydiving way younger than 18 or he's a very young-looking 58!]

Tessy, SisterLisa's daughter and Buddy's goddaughter, won a writing competition, so she gets to be a character in a book about New Jersey. Lisa wants a cake made that they can present to everyone when Tessy is awarded her trophy, and Tessy wants the theme to be the friendship between her and her pal, Lexi. [the s'mores in the microwave were particularly notable.] The whole family goes to Central School in East Hanover, NJ to present the cake. [fairly straightforward story with no twists here.]

Cake Boss "A Bittersweet Homecoming" (S05E16) [season finale]: Buddy's mom is back from Florida and reiterates that there are no erotic cakes at Carlo's. [LoL!] She's not doing that well and is suffering from ALS, which is taking away her motor skills. About 18 months ago, her hand started bothering her, and she suspected carpal tunnel... but surgery didn't help things, so she saw more doctors and the Mayo Clinic finally diagnosed her. [boo!] She has less energy, can no longer write, and is close to needing 24-hour help, though she doesn't want ANY help until it's absolutely necessary. [poor woman. so many elderly folks are horrified at the thought of needing care.] We see part of a doctor's appointment, where she's walking more slowly and having a difficult time straightening her right hand. To cheer her up a bit, Buddy wants to make her a new style of cake for Easter (which Madeline is hosting this year). They use caramel buttercream with a swiss meringue. [that was a BEAUTIFUL cake! such an innovative take on a simple look!]
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Unknown said...

What a beautiful cake and a beautiful tribute for your mother. My prayers go out to her for healing and comfort and to her family for strength.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Anonymous said...

The cake is beautiful and a graet tribute for your mother. All our prayers and thoughts are with her and your family. I pray for her every night that she will have a full recovery and less pain. Love all of you and stay strong.


Central New York

Keith said...

Perfect cake!