Friday, May 9, 2014

Big Bang: Choices

Sometimes, I try pretty hard to avoid spoilers, what with being on the West Coast and seeing a lot of television a few hours after millions of people watch it air live. It's been less and less of a problem in recent years because of the number of households watching delayed television, but every once in a while I still get slammed with a spoiler that I wish I didn't know about... and this was one of those times. I knew that Penny and Leonard were going to get engaged, but at least I didn't know how, or what the climactic part would be. And, now that I know how it all went down (and laughed profusely at the idea that Leonard has been carrying around a diamond ring IN HIS WALLET FOR YEARS), I wonder if I actually would have been more surprised if I didn't know it was coming. I mean, it was only last episode that they discussed marriage for what must have been the tenth time. So, I'm curious... did you see it coming? Did you know (via spoilers) that it was coming? Were you any more/less surprised given your circumstances?

The Big Bang Theory "The Gorilla Dissolution" (S07E23): Leonard goes to the set of Penny and Wil's movie, and both actors wind up getting fired for no good reason. [I was hard-pressed to believe that Wil would stand up for Penny like that...]
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Wil heads off to audition for Sharknado 2, and Penny tells Leonard that she wants to marry him because he's a "smart choice." [I cringed.] He wants to be something more than that, but once she says that he is all she needs to be happy, he responds, "I guess I'm in," and then admits he feels their engagement was anti-climactic. Fortunately, he then pulls out a ring and makes it official. [yes, I'm one of "those people" who needs to see jewelry to believe it's serious. :-P]

When Howard was dragging a treadmill upstairs for his mother, it accidentally slips down the stairs and injures the woman, laying her up for 6-8 weeks. Howard wants to hire a nurse but Bernadette thinks they should care for her themselves, saying that it will be similar to what they might face as parents. Well, they get on one another's nerves and hire a nurse anyway. [is that effectively tabling babies for them?]

Sheldon and Raj go to a movie and see Emily there with another guy, upsetting Raj enough that they head home early. [I'm surprised that Sheldon was up for that!] Sheldon makes Raj some tea (English Breakfast, not Cardamom), then tells him that he can't think every woman he dates will be a perfect companion. [for the record, Raj has dated 11 women, apparently.] But, things may be looking up when Emily not only goes to see Raj, but it is implied that they became physical as well. [I liked that he asked for ten minutes, and then admitted he was going to use it to do crunches, LoL.]
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