Monday, July 14, 2014

Falling Skies: Changing Characters

Matt reuniting with Tom was great, but now it seems that they are no longer with Hal's (large) group, so we continue to have to follow three sets of activities, even if it does seem they may condense further shortly. And, for some reason, the drama feels the need to add more characters (not THAT many have died!), like Sara, whom joined the entourage by way of defending her property from Pope (see image below). There's also Matt's friend, Mira, and Cochise's second-in-command, Shak-chic (Shaq, for short), plus Lexi's cult followers. I'm having a difficult time trying to figure out where the series is going with this, but expanding the cast could have a powerful impact on the program's direction...
Falling Skies "Evolve or Die" (S04E04): Tom & Co. reach Cochise, who tells them of the children's camp where Matt is being held. Tom takes off to save the kids while Hal holds down the fort and arranges for rations and rest for the 71 people now in his charge. [dang. lie is rough on Falling Skies.] When Hal insists on following his father's orders regarding scouting radius, however, Pope decides to take matters into his own hands and takes off in a truck. When he finds some fuel, there's a woman protecting it, and she drugs him to take his truck. [ha!] But, they're soon attacked, and Pope manages to not only regain control, but also bring her along to help evacuate the group before danger gets there, too. Hal isn't happy about going against Tom's directions, but as the Espheni approach, he decides it might be best to move toward the location he hears Lourdes broadcasting her location, courtesy of Dingaan's technology savoir-faire.

Meanwhile, while Cochise leads Tom and Weaver to Matt, they're attacked by a mysterious creature, and Cochise falls unconscious to heal himself. Weaver and Tom continue on, but the kids whistle to alert authorities, though Mira leads them to Matt, who was being beaten up by his squad leader in solitary confinement. [I love how protective Tom is... but I still can't get past seeing Noah Wyle as John Carter, who wouldn't wail on a kid...] Time is against the Masons, but they can't find Weaver and must escape with Mira's help. [awww. I was hoping she'd get to come along!] Turns out, Weaver was again attacked and dragged outside... and it turns out that his stalker is none other than his daughter, Jeanne, who has been transformed by the Espheni. [we better get more information about this process next episode!] Unfortunately, a Skitter kills her.

Elsewhere, Anne is dumbfounded that people pretty much worship her daughter, but when Ben and Maggie tell her what else they know, the mother confronts her daughter, and practically destroys the peaceful covenant in place between Lexi and the Espheni.
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