Friday, July 3, 2009

lots of commentary going on...

by Amy K. Bredemeyer


The Simpsons
: September 27th

Family Guy: September 27th

The Cleveland Show: premiering September 27th

American Dad: September 27th

How I Met Your Mother: September 21st. and I can't wait.

Little People, Big World: I have reason to believe we'll start back in October.

House, M.D.: September 21st.

Lie to Me: September 21st.

Jon and Kate Plus Eight: This week it was a "tribute" to Jon & Kate's 10 years of being a family (with children, as they actually met in 2007 so it's kinda 12 years). The only "new" stuff came in the final 4-5 minutes, where we see Jon and Kate doing separate things with the kids. It was kinda a pointless episode, since many of the scenes have already been in other "clip episodes." We also may be taking a hiatus until August, but I'm not completely sure.

Table for 12: off-season. or maybe even canceled.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager: Grace is being ridiculous, and that's all I have to say about that. I thought Amy was a little quick to judge Ben, but more important issues are all over the place. Adrian moving to a HOUSE with her dad is a big deal, especially when you consider all of the anger than she harbored against him for so long. Ricky continues to have issues, but what I was most concerned about was Jack drinking a beer in the end. I could easily see him becoming an alcoholic, and I don't know that I want the show to tackle that issue at this point in time. Ashley continues to be a rebel, and is now studying for the GED, despite still being in middle school. FREAK. More intriguingly, Grace's mom calls upon George (her ex-husband) in her time of despair and need, and he spends what appears to be a whole day consoling her. But, he either didn't get a vasectomy like he allegedly did, or he's afraid that it didn't work, since he's concerned that he may be the father of Anne's child... dunt dunt duh!

Make it or Break it: I actually think I'm going to give up on this show, before I even saw it. I already have 5-6 hours of shows on Mondays after we hit Fall, and I don't need more teenage drama in my life... in all actuality, I need more twentysomething comedy!

Cake Boss: the idea of the live doves in a section of the cake is really intriguing, as I've never seen that before. I thought it was interesting how hard it was to find doves, since I've never really thought about it before. I actually thought that the final thing was pretty ugly, but then again I have a distaste for flowers and the like. The "pregnancy platter" was kinda neat, but I don't see how she's going to eat all of it before it goes bad. But then again, I've never been pregnant, LoL. The previews for next week's episodes just look amazing!!!

18 Kids and Counting: well, this was a real waste of an episode for true Duggar fans. Because we already watched the webisodes that showed Josh and Anna heading off to NYC and the rest of the family in Tennessee. AND we already watched The Today Show and found out that the couple was having a girl. So the only thing new this episode offered was the opening segment where the Duggar girls go shopping with Anna for baby clothes at a thrift store. I didn't care for the comments that Cousin Amy made, or the awkward movements of Jill, but the rest of it was fairly interesting. I've never really shopped for baby clothes (although I do look at them when I'm buying baby gifts off of registries), and the cuteness of possible outfits is fairly extreme.

Lincoln Heights: August 4th

South Park: October 7th.

Glee: September 16th.

Wipeout: The announcers were particularly funny this week, in a punny way. The old guy in round 1 was pretty funny, and he was the very first person to have the motivator touch him and still make it across the big balls. I liked Donovon's time on the first course. The gyrator was pretty boring this week, with just one funny wipeout - military mom getting down and the arm just wipes her off the platform. The personalities of the contestants this week weren't that unique, and since that makes up half the show, it's kinda a shame. Because the contestants never meet before they do the first challenge, I'm curious as to how exactly that works... I mean, we already know they don't show every part of every race, and that they have to air them out of order (some areas are muddy before the first person runs the course), but do they do just 24 contestants in a day, or do they do like 48? If they do 48 (or even 36 for that matter), they could technically illegally move some people from one pile of 24 to the other, rigging who makes it to the next round! The final course was kinda weak today... using no super-crazy obstacles, in my opinion. I was pretty impressed with the beard-guy's gears run, tho. #500 came in with a 12-something time, but Donovan did it in under 8 minutes! I was really rooting for "the winner" Shannon, but her final leap to the circle just wasn't far enough, and she couldn't get herself up.

16 and Pregnant
: gripe #1: the show begins at 27 weeks... a little late, since she's obviously showing quite a bit, so we miss out on the early struggles and such. Gripe #2: unknowledgeable seventeen-year old says that her boyfriend will "grow up as soon as he holds his daughter." Yeah, because she has SO MUCH experience in seeing this happen. Gripe #3: baby shower invitations given out AT SCHOOL. I don't really believe in handing out invitations for anything at school, but whatever. Gripe #4: I don't see a problem with having to ask mom's permission to stay over at a friend's house overnight. If you're going to be a father, nothing changes... you are still a minor and YOUR MOM is responsible for you. So Ebony had no right to complain. Gripe #5: that is the worst American Flag logo EVER. Gripe #6: It pisses me off to no end that pregnant teenagers don't have a problem with mooching off people for rides. These two were horrendous! Gripe #7: why is the baby never clothed?? Gripe #8: I really hate Ebony's voice. just so annoying. Love #1: I did LOOOOOVE that mall! Beautiful!! Love #2: I liked that they showed a girl who was really involved in extracurriculars, since they're always blasted as the ones "least likely" and all that jazz. Love #3: I liked that they showed other teenage mothers telling horror stories. Love #4: they showed the breastfeeding and bottle-feeding. Comment #1: I don't really understand why having a baby makes Josh LESS likely to want to marry Ebony. Comment #2: I also felt bad that Ebony having the baby effectively stops her dream of joining the military because someone has to be available to take care of a dependent. But at the same time, if she realllllly wanted that dream, she could have just given up the baby for adoption. Comment #3: I'm also really glad that Josh is joining the service, because goodness knows that he shouldn't be in college. Comment #4: Holy Hell, it's 20 degrees and snowing in Colorado Springs in APRIL!?!?! Comment #5: the baby films really large in her early scenes. Comment #6: the classrooms have all been strangely set-up, so I wonder if they go to an alternative school, since there's also apparently a night class option... [overall, the best episode of this show so far. And yeah, apparently I will be following it after all. I think they were only going to make like six episodes anyway]

Monk: August 7th.

The Goode Family: somehow, the Goode children don't have 30 community service hours yet... despite the fact they've practically done that many house on-camera. But it's community service week. Bliss wants to go to Costa Rica so she can tan and drink while doing her part, but Helen won't have it. Ubuntu wants to give a speech about staying off drugs, but Gerald says that's too plain. And out of nowhere, there's a list of stuff that each kids has to do... how do you force someone to cut their hair?? Helen even goes to graffiti a building (more than once!) so that Bliss would have something to do after she ends up being assigned to a clean building and enjoys air-conditioned games instead of true community service. Of course, Margot calls it a work of art by the underprivileged, and gets a visiting art professor to explain its significance as a cry from oppression. Then the media calls Bliss "racist" for cleaning it up. Well, Helen's addiction was ridiculous (as was Gerald's mini-mirror hanging off of his bike helmet), but not as crazy as some random kid taking credit for it, and strangely being heralded. More importantly, after two nights in a row, why did nobody bother to patrol the area in an attempt to catch the vandal? I love how the professor called her a cultural appropriatist.
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