Monday, December 14, 2009

11 Days til Christmas!

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

we're getting down to the wire now, next week is the last cluster of great holiday episodes! But before those, here are this week's five! I've kinda been in a more childish Christmas mood lately, if that makes sense... I think it's because I watched A Muppet Family Christmas yesterday afternoon, and that one makes me smile so wide I can't close my mouth, LoL.

Family Matters: "Deck the Malls." (1997) This episode is of specific significance because it was the final one with the original Harriette, and the last one at all for the Rachel, Estelle, and Ritchie characters. Carl as a mall Santa, Laura as his elf, and Steve and Myra wrapping presents. Here's the warm & fuzzy part, hehe:

3rd Rock from the Sun: "Jolly Old St. Dick." (1996) It's the Solomons first Christmas, and everyone is struggling in their own way. Each character actually has his own storyline... Tommy struggles in finding a gift for his girlfriend, Harry finds out that mall Santas aren't the real thing, Sally starts out gift-wrapping at the mall but ends up trying to help people choose better gifts for loved ones, and Dick can't get into the holiday spirit without overdoing it. Opening clip (you'll probably be hooked, so rest assured that the same user has uploaded the whole thing).

Rugrats: "The Santa Experience." (1992) The families take a Christmas trip together. Angelica doubts in the existence of Santa Claus, and Chuckie is afraid of him. There's a bit of The Gift of the Magi in there with Angelica antagonizing. Didi decides the most beautiful tree in the woods can't be cut down, so they have to get an artificial. In the end, it all works out. Here's a clip of said ending.

Shining Time Station: "'Tis a Gift." (1990) Tanya and Matt can't wait for Christmas. The adults all want to play "Santa's Helper." A man named Mr. Nicholas is waiting for a train that nobody has heard of. An annoying girl named Vicki is stuck at the train station while her mother goes shopping. I love it when Schemer tries to act like other people are dishonest, LoL. The clip is the end of the hour-long special, including the song from the title.

Christmas Eve on Sesame Street: (1978) This is such a good Christmas special. And no, it may not be an "episode," per se, but I couldn't help myself. Skating, The Gift of the Magi, caroling, interviewing kids about Santa, Cookie Monster trying to ask Santa for gifts, Big Bird trying to prove Santa is real, the whole thing is precious. This clip has a little bit of everything (well, except Big Bird, but his plot is kinda being handled by Grover, haha).

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