Friday, December 11, 2009

End of Monk

by Amy K. Bredemeyer


Monk: thank you, USA for your Monk marathon and for re-running last week's episode twice so I could catch it AND the new/final one. Both episodes really seemed to be long... not in that they dragged on but just that so much was happening!
Part I (S08E15): the flashback opening was a little strange. I thought Trudy would be much prettier, going off of the college-age Trudy in other flashbacks. It was funny that Monk remembered Dr. Nash being right-handed twelve years later. The grocery store scene was ridiculous... how many items in one aisle do both Natalie and Monk need??!? There were also people in the room where Monk got the shot that weren't doing ANYTHING. I hate filler. Sad to think of Monk dying of poison! LoL, "I'm not pregnant, I'm dying." Randy kills me with his stupidity sometimes... like in the control center of the train station. and then Randy coming out of nowhere in the train yard... what was up with that??!? I was surprised to see Monk open the videotape. But the start of Trudy's speech was shocking!
Part II (S08E16): I couldn't believe Mr. Monk took down the judge in the courtroom! The fight was really something else! And that Monk asked Leland to kill the man who killed Trudy!!?! And Monk giving his sleeping meds to the guy watching him? And poisoning the wipes? genius! Randy as a police CHIEF?!? hahaha. nice that he ended up with Sharona tho, LoL. It was so nice to see Mr. Monk so excited over his step-daughter. Monk has got to be the strangest all-of-a-sudden father EVER. His ticks and obsessions and things would be a lot to get used to fast. I thought the end was kinda unfulfilling... I really wanted to hear about the case after Natalie hung up the phone, LoL.


The Simpsons
: nope.

Family Guy: nope.

How I Met Your Mother: missed.

House, M.D.: no new eps til January.

Little People, Big World (S05E15): wow. I know a tad about Okaloosa County, FL. I've known at least ten or fifteen people from there. Interesting they had Habitat there. Not that they don't need it, I just didn't see that coming. A young-to-mid-teen asked Amy to the prom? And she said she'd go when the time goes? What?!? Zach and Jeremy at the bank was interesting, they seemed a little overwhelmed. It was nice that Amy really wanted to add in some extra community service like Habitat and speaking at the foster home and visiting with the teenage moms. Amy saying "y'all" was funny. I like that she used the Alabama/Auburn rivalry, haha. Amy trying to fool the twins about the tattoo was funny... I wonder why she wiped it off and didn't show Molly at least.

still missing "Downhill Dwarf" and "Game Over"

Jon and Kate Plus Eight: still missing the finale, "It's a Crazy Life, But it's Our Life."

Cake Boss (S02E10): I LOOOOVED the Christmas presents cake. so well done!! and I really have no constructive comments about the Mrs. Richfield and her cake, LoL. I did like how Buddy and the guys had a drag contest haha.

Now missing "Pizza, Poochies, and Pop-in-law" and "Golf Greens and Gravity"

18 Kids and Counting (S03E26): Jessa turned 17 and the girls got manis, pedis, and facials. Jessa noted that she uses powder regularly, which confirms my earlier assumptions that the girls do wear makeup, even if the only people they see all day are family members, LoL. At least 2 of the boys wore heelies, that was funny. TLC had a typo when they did the pop-up about the Duggar pets... there is no 'p' in "hamster" LoL! It was interesting to hear that John David is doing some stuff with his local volunteer fire department... that's close to a regular profession, LoL. What was with JimBob trying to convince others to bungee jump?? Then on to the Bates'... I'm surprised to find out that Kelly had 14 at-home births!! That's so many! and 2 bathrooms to 5 is a really big change! Good for them! I was also taken aback that Lawson does the grocery shopping for the Bates family and that so many of the older girls don't like doing it. It seems that anytime the Duggars go shopping (except when Anna and some of the girls went), Michelle and JimBob are always present.

list of missing: "Duggars in Dixie," "Duggar on a Diet," "GrandDuggar: First Month"

Table for 12 (S02E11): you know, I try not to compare one reality show with another, but I think that this episode was really the antithesis of Jon and Kate Plus Eight. For instance, I love how when Betty has to turn around to bring the carseat back, they do it in stride and movie on. Can you imagine how angry Kate would be if Jon forgot to take the carseat out?? And then there was the instance where they forgot Megan... yes that was funny, but it was a lot funnier that none of the kids realized they were one short, either! The Gosselin sextuplets would have definitely realized someone was missing, LoL. I also loved how Kyle doesn't like the beach because he "has pasty white skin," haha. Then there's the fact that Betty let the kids get sand in/on their clothes if they wanted to... Kate never would've gone for that. I also particularly loved how Betty let some of the older kids go in the water "to their ankles." There's a great home movie my dad filmed where my brother and I are visiting my Aunt in Florida for Easter... I'm about seven and my brother is four... we were allowed to take off our shoes and sit on the edge of the pool, dangling our feet into the water... next thing you know we're standing on the first step (still in our Easter best), then the last moment is my brother moving down to the second step when my grandfather yells, "hey JJ! Get outta there!" hahahaha. Anyways... there was a nice subtle shot of Eric folding canvas bags after returning from the grocery store, and there's some nice displays of affection when Betty is so happy that Eric made the fish for dinner!

Caught "Hit the deck" (S02E01) this time as well. I was impressed that Eric insisted on doing most of the work himself (Kate never thought Jon could do anything alone), and I was a little fearful for the kids being allowed so close to all of the construction... especially in bare feet and the like. And Eric cleaned up the spilled fruit on the new deck without yelling at Betty for letting the kids have it out on the new surface (I can actually picture Jon yelling at Kate for being so careless). It was a nice moment when Kevin saw Tara was up, and instead of telling on her, he just worked it out so she'd go back to sleep. I thought it was adorable when the little boy (EJ?) was pretending he made the cake with shrimp and salt, hahaha! Although I was a little afraid that he's knock it all over. When the chocolate fountain was causing problems, the parents said "I think it's worth the mess for the delight of the children" awwwwwwww. :)

missing the eps "ramp it up," "summer," "busy day," "jumping in," "brace yourself"

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Off season:
Wipeout (summer 2010)
The Secret Life of the American Teenager (January 2010)
The Goode Family (January 2010)
Lincoln Heights (no information available at this time)
South Park (two more seasons are contracted, no start date yet for season 14)
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