Monday, February 1, 2010

Favorites Episodes: Saved By the Bell

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

In the Saved by the Bell canon, it is understood that Good Morning, Miss Bliss takes place before the main show, regardless of the fact it's a different school in a different state, with mostly different kids. So, I count it with the four seasons of the show (don't let the DVDs lie to you and say there's 5 seasons, that's NOT TRUE!), and the College Years season. But NOT The New Class, because although it has Screech and Belding, it's a different show. Today we look at my favorite moments with Zack, Kelly, Jessie, Slate, Screech, and Lisa. I think these choices are sorta average, so please comment on your own faves!!

Good Morning, Miss Bliss: Let's Get Together. Toward the end of the series' run, this episode focuses on the friendships of Nikki and Zack and of Miss Bliss and Tina. Tina gets dumped and moves in with Miss Bliss, getting on her every nerve, while Zack and Nikki have a class project to do but struggle in working together. I love Zack's quick thinking in the end, genius. Whole episode here.

Season 1: The Friendship Business. This one got replayed quire a bit, I feel. It's the one where the class has an assignment to create and sell products. Friendship bracelets and buddy bands are all fun and games... until Belding starts sporting one. Great conniving in this one, and a good representation of how the characters fit together. Whole ep.

Season 2: The Babysitters. Kelly has to care for her baby brother, so she takes him to school with her. Let's not judge. It's yearbook photo day, so the gang keeps handing off the baby as each needs to be in various class and club photos. Of course the baby gets lost in the shuffle, hehe. Whole ep.

Season 3: Cut Day. There were a lot of memorable episodes in this season, but I always love watching the wool get pulled over Belding's eyes. Zack having to get to and from campus each class period is ridiculous... I think that adds to it. Can't find zilch on this one, tho!!

Season 4: Screech's Birthday. Another one devoted to pulling one over on Belding... this time the girls act as a single student with multiple personalities, Screech becomes an arrogant hall monitor, and Screech's robot talks. In full.

Saved by the Bell: The College Years: Rush Week. The guys want to get into the same fraternity, while Kelly and Alex girls hope for rival sororities. But that's not in the cards, as the girls get into second-choice houses, and the guys won't join unless all three get in. Can't find this one online, either.
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