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Meet Josie Duggar!

by Amy K. Bredemeyer


The Simpsons
(S21E11): back. Burns fought for the Nazis?? Twizzler ball was gross. The people around Homer in the store made a funny train. But I'm still really confused as to why the line at the convenience store was so long... and the cops not going after Homer because he was "going so fast he doesn't have time for a ticket." Marge's little ditty was lame by herself. hahaha, the home of the ruler that tells you how tall your robber was, hahaha. the gifts were super awesome, especially in how they were hidden, LoL. Lisa's little side plot was kinda cute... old people and wiis, haha. But the end to it with the workers ruining it sucked. The flowers were cute. Cool that we got to see Coldplay for a minute. I thought that the weird guy who crashed his car was random, but it was later pointed out to me that he was a fan-created character... so I'm not sure if they really just killed him off after just a few seconds, or if he'll be back. Kinda a shame if he's gone already.

Family Guy (S08E11): Mayor West's branding on Meg was disturbing. I wasn't a big fan of the graphicness of the bull raping Peter. Who the H3LL does a penpal project with a prison in high school??!? The fly trying to get out the window was pretty funny.

How I Met Your Mother (S05E14): I couldn't believe how poorly Ted handled having a student with a name like "Cook Pu." :( Ew on the toothbrush issue. I liked the Barney/Ted, Pitcher/Catcher jokes. Nothing too notable about the rest of the show.

House, M.D. (S06E13): Interesting that Foreman's brother is working for House, haha. And the opossum in the bathtub was crazy. Is it just me, or is Wilson's acting fading? Maybe it was just the role he played in this episode. There were some bad (read: racist) jokes in this one, too. And what's up with House's morals this episode? Like with the army kid. geez. How do you make someone else's sprinklers go off, LoL? I couldn't believe how Foreman spiked the kid's water!! Where did his ethics go?? Lucas is so weird... and made such a good point. I couldn't believe that the kid was willing to lose his foot so he wouldn't have to go back overseas. This is why you never sign up for the armed services in the first place... they lie and you get screwed.

Little People, Big World: we're off for a couple months.

Cake Boss: Sunday Special: 30 pounds of butter and 60 pounds of cream cheese in a batch? Um, I think my husband would love this cake, LoL. 2400 half sheets is 12,000 pounds of cake.... good gracious. I wonder how he's connected to the Johnson & Wales in North Carolina... maybe it was at the suggestion of the locals at the convention. Olive Oil, Tomatoes, Onions, Basil... sounds good to me! But why is Buddy making sauce?? I love how they got in a fight in front of the Amish horse and buggy guy. It was cool to see Frankie in charge, meeting with a customer, etc. Wow, Buddy was gone for like 4 days on this... that's a while! 20 people took 6 hours to stack it??!? I hate Mary, she's always ruining stuff. 50 YARDS of fondant?? I can't even begin to imagine driving 175 miles per hour!!! LoL on Buddy's really generic pep talk on fixing the front of the car. I kinda thought they should have used cereal treats in the beginning, LoL. If all the cakes have to be ordered like 3 weeks or more in advance, was this mannequin cake a last-minute deal or something?

Regular Monday (S02E16): the aquarium people really had no thoughts, LoL. "vanilla with.... vanilla?" as if she was afraid to say that, LoL. The 3D model looked pretty cool. Buddy and Frankie in the shark tank was interesting. I've swam with sharks before (Big Pine Key, FL), it's definitely the experience of a lifetime! ... 110" by 40" .... why so big?? Especially since they have to build it in the oven room to do this... isn't that problematic, like the fondant and stuff would melt?? I'm finally getting a handle on everyone's names, not just the main few, LoL. The isolmalt is always cool, and the coral looked pretty sweet. It took me a little bit to realize when Buddy meant by "turtle cake turtle" LoL, but once he started making the caramel I figured it out. How did they make the baby carriage cake without any of the other guys seeing it? We know they're a nosy group, LoL. This really was one of the most amazing cakes I've ever seen. "600 pounds, easy" ?? I can't seem to understand why they use such heavy props and tables... there's gotta be a better way to do those things, LoL. It's interesting that this time Buddy pointed out how great it is that there's a ton of kids in the family so the bakery can live on... but other times he's said how he'd never want his kids to live the lives of bakers.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager (S02E17): how come we never hear the random kids saying things about Amy? Everyone knows she had a baby at 15, so there's bound to be comments by others, regardless of how much you want to pretend everyone's okay with it. The idea that all teenage girls carry around a condom in their purse is ridiculous... but omg is it actually true?? Have things changed THAT much in ten years?? How can Amy have no feelings left for Ben? They were really close for a long time, who gets over that so quickly?? Ben's house has a SCREENING ROOM?? This house must be much bigger than previously thought. Glad that Betty is back, it was weird to have her missing from the storyline for a few episodes. Do teenagers in California really all have to drive themselves places? Nobody is allowed to carpool? So weird. And strange for a state that is so obsessed with emissions and the like. It's getting extremely annoying how much everyone lies in this show. Lust is also getting in the way... the pizza boy instantly being in love with Ashley is stupid. Ashley's really good about not putting herself alone with a boy in the house, impressive. Ricky's place looks much bigger than before, not sure how he got so much room already. Maria last week and Grace this week? What the heck is up with Ben??!? OF COURSE Jimmy sees the condom, that's what happens. That's a good reason NOT to have a condom in your purse!! Wait, this Jesse kid can drive with three other people in the car? If he's 18, I'm surprised that Lauren's dad is letting them date. And when will Molly Ringwald lose the bangs? She's way prettier without them. Alice and Henry/Hank stayed out ALL NIGHT with a chauffeur? geez. Why are there so many "A" names on this show?? Alice, Amy, Ashley, Adrian, Anne... kinda obscene. And Amy thinking it's unfair for Ben to go out with Grace but it's okay for her to go out with Jimmy is stupid. Boys get passed around, fact of life. Adrian has a very strange outlook on her parents getting married. But they're weird by themselves, LoL. And why didn't Adrian call her parents and tell them she was spending the night? That would have stopped them from being angry in the morning, and it might have gotten her a ride home that evening to stop Amy from being angry with her and Ricky. And, of course, Moose impregnates a dog. What are the odds, haha? But, why was the woman upset that the dog wasn't neutered? Obviously, her dog (or her sister's, whatever) wasn't, either. And so it's certainly a mutual fault in that case.

Table for 12: this is off-air again, and there's not even any showing up in the next two weeks... I don't get why they don't show the reruns of this show during the day like they seem to with many of the other TLC shows.

missing the eps "summer," "busy day," "jumping in," "brace yourself," "back to school"

19 Kids and Counting:
Sunday Special: I love the new beginning. Some of the kids look like they've grown up a LOT since last season's start. The older girls seemed to have a good understanding of everything that was going on, which was good (and almost impressive). Poor Anna is looking exhausted, makes me wonder how much Josh does to help her with their daughter. Interesting that the older kids (minus Josh) still all went on the trip. It really demonstrates their leadership in making it work. But being out of the country when their mother was doing so poorly must have been hard. JimBob is looking like he put on weight again.

Normal Tuesday (S04E01): Started on December 10th, with a very similar intro as to the Sunday special, really emphasizing the NICU and seriousness of it all. It was a little more involved, but a lot of the same footage was used for the first five minutes or so. This was also the first episode I ever watched in HD... JimBob's face isn't that pretty, LoL. Michelle's hair in 1994 was crazy, LoL. Interesting how they went from everybody buys everybody to grouping Secret Santas... Older Boys, Older Girls, and the younger kids. I was curious as to where Joy would go in this mix, but the question was answered when she said she was in charge of buying for Michelle. know that the parents call them "little kids" and "big kids" but when the announcement went over the intercom that "whatever little kids are available..." I was a little surprised... but at the same time, I call my siblings (collectively) "the kids" when I'm talking to other people, but not to them! LoL. Jill wanted the policemen's signatures?? What?? Jana straightened her hair... interesting change. Did Michelle and JimBob even get a chance to see Jordyn for her first birthday?? And they admitted to lying to their parents, haha... they said they would say they were going to do interviews, and they'd go take pictures, haha!!

Also caught "Duggar on a Diet (S03E13)," thanks to my DVR. :) It was interesting that the camera guy's daughters were there. I finally saw the infamous scene where Michelle fed Jordyn while the baby was lying down... I still don't understand that decision, but I don't have 20 years of experience feeding babies, LoL. Jim Bob saying over and over that Michelle told him it was time got annoying. Jana joined "years ago" which was interesting, makes me wonder how she paid her dues, since it's not cheap (we heard the woman tell JimBob $10.50/week with discounts), and she doesn't have an outside job that we've ever heard about. I also wonder if maybe Jana originally joined to have some "alone time" with mom, haha.

now only missing "Duggars in the Sky"

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Off season:
Jon and Kate Plus Eight: still missing the finale, "It's a Crazy Life, But it's Our Life," but since the show isn't running anymore, I decided to list it down here, instead of on my already-full Mondays.
Wipeout (summer 2010)
The Goode Family (watch it Monday nights at 10!!)
Lincoln Heights (no information available yet)
South Park (two more seasons are contracted, no start date yet for season 14)
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