Monday, March 29, 2010

Favorite Episodes: King of Queens

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I don't even remember how I first stumbled upon this show. I know I didn't see a single episode in first-run, but I also know that I knew about it at some point in undergrad (while it was still running new episodes) because I had a friend who enjoyed the show. I actually think I'm a big fan of Kevin James and Leah Remini in general, so the reason I liked the show was for them, not necessarily the concept of the show, LoL.

Season 1: "Hungry Man." Doug doesn't eat all day, so when he and Carrie go to an elegant party and there's no food being served, he freaks out. He makes it into the kitchen and starts helping himself when Carrie catches him, LoL.
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Season 2: "Assaulted Nuts." Doug and Carrie are working with an accountant to do some mortgage refinancing and whatnot. When Doug gets to the meeting, he's in incredible pain because he shot himself in the genitals with a staple gun at work, LoL.
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Season 3: "Wedding Presence." Doug & Carrie, Kelly & Deacon all get invited to an out-of-state wedding. Carrie and Doug don't want to go, so they send in the RSVP "yes" and just send a present with Deacon and Kelly so it'll look like they were there. But, the day of, one of Deacon's kids is sick so they can't go. Doug and Carrie are left to drive to the wedding at the last minute, but arrive after the happy couple has left. So they have to try to sneak into some photos to make it look like they were there the whole time, LoL.
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Season 4: "Eddie Money." Doug borrows $100 from savings to bet on boxing. When he wins big, he and Deacon must hide their $5k cash winnings from their wives, or Carrie will find out that he took the original $100. So, Doug and Deacon decide to blow it all in one day, and choose to spend the money on a variety of interesting things, LoL. Couldn't find the entire episode, but found three different clips from it, LoL.
Clip 1 Clip 2 Clip 3

Season 5: "Clothes Encounter." I think part of the reason that I like this episode so much is because it takes place soon after the horrible "mold" storyline, where Doug's dad realizes how much money Carrie spends on clothes. In this episode, however, Carrie realizes how easy it can be to return an outfit if the tags are still on it. It gets out of control fast, though, and soon her office is filled like a closet, and she has a system to tell her when to return things. But, when she has to rely on Doug to return something, plans go awry.
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Season 6: "Tank Heaven." Two storylines in this one. First Spence realizes that ladies like it when guys are compassionate toward the elderly, so he starts hanging out with Arthur, who in turn finds an even older man to "care for." Meanwhile, Carrie wants to make couple friends from work, but everyone she brings home, Doug scares away. It takes her awhile, but eventually she finds out his crazy methods.
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Season 7: "Awed Couple." Deacon and Kelly choose to spend more time with a couple who has kids, so Doug and Carrie have to find new couple friends. They go to great lengths to find people, to the point of rooting through a woman's purse and jumping off a boat. They have stories they use to gain others' interest, locations they go to scope people out, the whole nine yards.
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Season 8: "Four Play." Doug hangs out with Kelly, and Deacon hangs out with Carrie. But, Kelly gets tired of Doug, which ruins things for everyone. It gets really funny though, to the point where you truly believe they have swapped partners completely. Oh, and Arthur is at a coffee shop giving advice... only people follow the opposite in order to be happy, haha.
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Season 9: "Mama Cast." Carrie acts as a model mother and wife to help sell a house. She gets really happy about it all and (for the hundredth time) contemplates children of her own. Doug takes his tax return and buys an ice cream truck, only to be consistently scared by a rival truck. In the end, he sells it.
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