Friday, March 26, 2010

South Park is Back, Secret Life is Leaving...

by Amy K. Bredemeyer


Minute to Win It
: I don't think it was on last week?

Sons of Tucson (S01E02): it was interesting to see Ron get a friend, the family go to the garage sale, and then Ron making it into living in the house (and out again). This moron is actually smarter than his friend, LoL. HE ROBBED THE WRONG HOUSE?? awesome. "bank error in my favor" = nice. haha, the friend got hooked on robbing!! I love the quirkiness of the kids... heart monitors, crossbows, Twilight, LoL. The man thinks FAST on his feet - when he's lost in the house he plays it off well.

The Simpsons
(S21E15): Interesting springish couch scene. Funny commentary on morons using GPS devices. Firecrackers in pencil sharpeners and spitting in books? The things kids do when there's no teacher around have changed dramatically. Nelson and the blind kid were interesting. Lisa's alarm clock scene was FUNNY!! Bad truth about smart girls vs average girls and attention. Ralph's failure to cheat correctly was eye-rolling. LoL on the last dime. And, LoL on Marge's cooking being able to make garbage good and the 3D comment at the movies. Silly laughing/kissing gag. I'm surprised there's only two classes per grade... I had always thought that the school was larger, I guess. Really? Michelle Obama flew in to aid Lisa? Clever "flotus" screenname for her. Silly little kids and their relationship drama. ANd, Nicky reminded me of Kimi from Rugrats.

Family Guy (S08E14): Yeah, I think it is too soon for a Terri Shiavo musical. Um, not sure about Stewie's stage fright OR why Lois asked Peter about his bowel movement. Funny/weird journalism joke. What in the world was the dolphin scene?? Really? Peter put Quagmire in his clothes and the girl had sex with him instead of Peter?? "someday a white man is going to be elected President again" hahahahaha. yeah, that's a reason to live, LoL.

How I Met Your Mother (S05E18): I also love my birthday. My husband extends it pretty much a week for me (he loves me, LoL). So Lily celebrating her birthday AWESOMELY was amazing. Ted should have known better than to bring a new girl to the party... even if she's a baker, LoL. Special games based on Lily was so cool, I'm gonna need that sometime soon, haha. I think the weirdest thing about the episode was that the black tie party was at their apartment.... I love how Barney has "never taken a bad picture," since NPH is always hott, LoL. AND, Ted doesn't understand why it's not cool to bring random girls to events!?!?!? AHHHH!!! LOOOOOVED Marshall telling Lily that Ted was tricking her, and then the proceeding dialogue about Robin being a "random skank" haha. Whoa, Strawberry WAS a mistake. 42? 42? FORTY-TWO??!? How in the world did she get that?? Lily is officially 32. The allergy to cilantro at the end was classic.

House, M.D.: not this week.

The Secret Life of the American Teenager (S02E24): This whole concept that it's been a YEAR since Amy had the baby is kinda strange. Not nearly enough has happened. I also find it interesting that they're not covering any of John's milestones... first steps, teething, etc. It's kinda a little glorified motherhood, but I guess there's so much drama with the high schoolers, there's no room for the actual mothering stuff, LoL. I don't understand why Amy cared so much about her parents being at the birthday party when her grandmother just had a stroke! It's like the way Rachel acted on Friends when it was Emma's first birthday, LoL! Funny way that Ashley talked to George about birth control pills, LoL. Okay, so Adrian told Ashley and Grace about her possible pregnancy. Ashley told George. Grace told Jack. Madison overheard. What the heck was Madison wearing at school?? And why was Ben going around inviting everyone to his dad's wedding? Especially the week of the event!!!! [And I think Lauren and her date had no reason to be at the wedding, much like Anne's mother and her (new) husband... there's no reason for tangential characters to appear there.] Why would George tell Mimzi that he and Anne were eloping in Vegas? LoL. I liked Adrian's mother's hair at her wedding, LoL. Which is good, since the dress was a joke. Madison's hair was looking cute. Amy's got some nice legs, but she NEEDS a new hairstyle!! Dang, if that's her real voice, Madison can SING!!! A horse-drawn carriage? are you KIDDING me?!?!?! Betty's dress was worse than Adrian's mom's! And why did everyone join in on the first dance?!? Griffin and his friend had a cute moment on the dance floor. Ricky wore a funny tie. The final scene seems like Adrian is indeed pregnant, but there was no definitive word, so I guess we wait until next season (June) to find out for sure! Oh, have we lost Jimmy completely? I kinda thought/hoped he'd be back...

Dancing with the Stars (Season 10, Week 1): this was a random one for me, and not sure I'd make it a regular thing. I caught the second half, just as Lysacek was getting his scores and such. Fun little ditty from the International Space Station. I had never heard of that Nicole girl before. HATE Kate's hair like that. And leave it to her to be primping her partner moments before they go on. It was also a shame they showed an old (read: last September) pic/vid of her kids, why not anything newer (unless Jon has managed to not let the kids be filmed at all by anyone, LoL)? oooh, and what's with Kate's makeup?? Overall, I feel like they should all do the cha-cha one week, then all do the waltz the next, etc. This semi-random crap isn't that great.

Table for 12 (S03E01): I am SO glad this show is back, LoL! Meghan looks like she's gained some weight. But, the onset of puberty is upon her, LoL. And, that makes sense, given the fact that she also doesn't want to hang out with her entire family in public, LoL. It was funny that all of the kids remembered the spiral staircase... those are awesome until you get about five and a half feet tall, LoL. OMG!! They went to the same ski resort in the Poconos (Camelback) that I did a few weeks ago! Small world, LoL. Whoa, it's "L, 7, wienie" now? haha. It was nice to see Rebecca got to participate in the tubing. I loved watching them play Scrabble Slam and Guesstures, I wouldn't have thought 5-year-olds would have been that good, but it worked out pretty well.

missing the eps "summer," "busy day," "jumping in," "brace yourself," "back to school"

19 Kids and Counting (S04E08): Josie's at 54 days, so less than a week since the last episode. Filmed (the Josie segment specifically) around February 2nd. It's nice that they allow a couple of the kids to ride with the production assistant when he goes to film some stuff at the regular house. It's also nice that the younger ones write letters to those who are in the other location. I don't know how I feel about Josh teaching Joseph to drive. Interesting angle by having him learn all about insurance first. I had to learn about checking oil and changing tires first, LoL. Anna was really quiet this episode. We haven't seen Cousin Amy much, either. Anna had Joseph and Josiah take down Christmas lights, so I assume this is actually earlier than Feb 2nd in that part of the episode.

16 and Pregnant (S02E06): Samantha from Texas. She shares a room with her brother, her mom's having a baby, and so is she. Go figure. September at 24 weeks, I think this is the earliest we've seen an episode start in a while. Not crazy about this couple. The projector screen was a little creepy for an ultrasound. I was surprised that she would be so adamant about having sex, knowing that her mother was a teenage mother and also being aware of how hard it was. I'm glad that her parents made her move to live with her dad and change schools, but I'm sorry that it didn't help. A grandmother at 33.... that's awful. I can't even tell you I'll be a mother by 33, LoL. Jordynn is an interesting spelling. Their corsages for the homecoming dance were UGLY. Another induction. Sam was really in some pain, and screaming a ton... and she was only at 2cm. She just wasn't dilating. At 21 hours, she was only 3cm. At 25 hours, they're going for a c-section (her mother had to have cesareans as well). She couldn't see her baby right away because of her fever. It was clear that there was a heavy focus on the labor and delivery rather than caring for a newborn, since they didn't leave the hospital until more than three-quarters of the way through the episode. I think this was a good episode for that "scare" factor, since Sam flat-out points out that her own mother told her how hard it would be, and that she didn't listen.

South Park (S14E01 & S14E02): Last week's: interesting opener with the video gaming, LoL. Ewwww to Clinton's cigars comment. Sheen's internet porn was funny. haha Duchovny, although I didn't completely get the berries reference... And Tiger. And Michael Douglas.

This week's: I thought it was funny that Cartman was so excited to read the book, and that all of the kids were finishing it on the first day. There was definitely a funny underlying commentary on how certain things have become so commonplace that they're no longer banned for those reasons... like how the kids were accustomed to the language in Catcher in the Rye. Although, I must admit, I read the book as a freshman in high school... and don't remember anything awful... but it's been over a decade. The vomiting made me laugh. I loved how Butters became the scapegoat... as always, LoL. You'd think they'd put buckets on the floors of the bookstore if "everyone vomits before finishing the first paragraph" LoL. I loved how Butters got grounded for the language in the book, yet it's selling in 26 languages, LoL. The reading of Butter's (second) book made me gag.

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Off season:
Jon and Kate Plus Eight: still missing the finale, "It's a Crazy Life, But it's Our Life"
Wipeout (summer)
Little People, Big World (April)
The Goode Family (Mondays at 10pm on Comedy Central)
Futurama (June 24th)
Cake Boss
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