Monday, March 22, 2010

Favorite Episodes: Seinfeld

So I was never a Seinfeld fan when it aired originally. I wasn't even a fan when it began airing regularly on TBS and the like. Honestly, I only got into Seinfeld at the very end of my graduate coursework. But, I've seen every episode now, and many of them twice (since there's not really anything else on when my husband first gets home from work and likes to relax, LoL). Choosing favorites from various seasons was only slightly tricky (in comparison to other shows I've been working on, LoL), and it became clear that seasons 3 and 4 are my favorites. There's also a website somewhere where you can watch ALL of the episodes (I made my way through them this way), but I can't seem to find it anymore. Anyway, without further ado:

Season 1: "The Stake Out." I actually was under the impression that this was the first episode, when in fact it is the second. I think TBS airs it often, since I've seen it about five times. Jerry and Elaine are at a dinner party, and Jerry flirts with a woman he doesn't know. He doesn't know her name, but he knows where she works. He doesn't want to ask Elaine about her, so he decides to try hanging out around the building hoping to run into her, and that works. Clip from near the beginning:

Season 2: "The Pony Remark." Jerry and Elaine are again at a dinner party, where Jerry mentions that he hates anyone who had a pony growing up. Turns out that the hostess had a pony, and she ends up dying shortly thereafter. Jerry feels guilty, and has to decide between going to her funeral and playing in a championship softball game. Oh, and Kramer wants to build levels in his apartment... Jerry bets he won't do it... and when Kramer doesn't follow through, he argues that the bet was invalidated since he never attempted it, LoL. Ep in full.

Season 3: "The Subway." This is the first full-length season of Seinfeld. And, as such, it was really difficult for me to make this decision (especially considering that "The Parking Garage" is such a good episode as well!). But, each character has a separate (and funny) storyline in this one, so that's why it won out. George is headed to a job interview but gets seduced, robbed, and tied up instead. Kramer is going to pay parking tickets but ends up betting on a horse race before an undercover cop saves him. Elaine is supposed to be in a wedding, but gets claustrophobic after train delays. Jerry is heading out to Coney Island and becomes friends with a nudist. Yeah, good times.

Season 4: "The Movie." I really consider this to be a classic Seinfeld episode. Totally slice-of-life, and fitting to the theme "a show about nothing." Basically, the characters are in a comedy of errors. They plan on seeing a movie together. Jerry is supposed to do two comedy acts, but when he misses the first one, he tried to tell everyone he won't make it (he actually goes to the theater to do this, since it's still 1993 and nobody has a cell phone yet except Zach Morris, LoL). The others all get separated (and have a devil of a time trying to describe what the others look like), and only Kramer sees the originally-intended movie. There are a ton of links for this one, but none actually work in the US, LoL. So, here's the script.

Season 5: "The Stall." It's really an episode about voices. Jerry is dating someone whose voice reminds Kramer of a phone sex operator. Elaine is screwed out of toilet paper by a woman who she later hears in Monk's, so she steals her toilet paper in return. (oh, the infamous "I don't have a square to spare," LoL.) Oh, and Elaine's boyfriend gets injured badly while rockclimbing with George and Kramer. I can only offer you the tiniest of clips, but it is the one for which the episode is named.

Season 6: "The Secretary." George hires an ugly secretary so he won't sleep with her. But that doesn't work. Elaine believes that a store has "skinny mirrors" and tries to see what clothes look like on her in other ways. Kramer gets Uma Thurman's phone number, but he writes it down on Jerry's dry-cleaning slip. Jerry realizes his dry-cleaner's wife is wearing clothes he dropped off, so he confronts the situation. Kramer sells the clothes off his back in the dressing room. Such a funny episode, but I've never understood why the title places the emphasis on George's storyline, LoL. Full Ep.

Season 7: "The Pool Guy." George freaks out when Elaine and Susan become friends. Kramer's new phone number is very close to Moviefone (omg, remember that!!?!?), so he starts giving out movie times. Jerry sees the pool guy at the movies, and then can't get rid of him. Unfortunately, the best clip only deals with George (and Elaine to a certain extent), and that's the worst of the three.
Here's a funny Kramer (and George) clip, lmao:

Season 8: "The Bizarro Jerry." Elaine is dating a guy kinda like Jerry, and meets his friends, who are similar to Kramer and George, and even Newman. It freaks everyone out, but in the end there are certain differences that Elaine can't get over, so she goes back to her normal crowd. Meanwhile, Jerry dates a woman with large, bulky hands. Kramer uses a restroom in a skyscraper and gets roped into working there, causing him all sorts of problems. Lastly, George uses a photo of the woman Jerry's dating to get others to like him, acting like his dead fiance was gorgeous. As always, his plan eventually backfires. Two clips, the first handles some of Kramer's storyline.

This is actually like the episode broken up with some commentary, but it's not bad.

Season 9: "The Strong Box." Jerry is going to make some jokes about a pair of Jerry Lewis cufflinks. He allows Kramer to put them in his new strongbox, but Kramer is paranoid about someone finding the key. Kramer ends up putting the key inside a neighbor's birdcage, but the bird eats the key and dies. Kramer and Jerry are forced to dig up the grave to get the key to open the box, which doesn't bode well for being friendly to the new neighbors. Plus, George tries to break up with a woman who just won't allow that to happen. Full Ep. But the quality is poor, so here's a clip.
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