Friday, June 11, 2010

Welcome, Summer Season!!

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Miami Medical (S01E09): I'm still sad that this was canceled. Apparently they also decided to re-classify the show as having only one season, since this is listed online as part of the first one instead of the first of the second season. Again, love the cinematography and flashback tactics. I didn't get the fruit-in-the-locker thing at the end until the dad repeated the peaches part.

Sons of Tucson (S01E05): Leave it to Ron to hit on another parent at the school and forget the homework, LoL. Otherwise, no much to say, except I thought it was funny that Ron confused measles with chicken pox.

Kate Plus Eight (S01E01 & S01E02): I gotta say, I'm not a fan of acting like this show is "back" and that the "Jon &" part of the title never existed. I'm surprised the kids were so upset that they stopped filming. I don't like Kate's new hair. The kids are way easier to understand when they talk now. I'm unclear on where Mady and Cara were at the beginning of the episode... I mean I understand it's the little kids' birthday, but there's no explanation at all until we see an interview. I thought it was funny that so many people said "hi" to Kate in the airport. Good call on flying Southwest, since you don't have to worry about choosing seats until the day-of. It was too bad that Alexis wasn't feeling that well, but at least they were able to work it in so that she could enjoy some of the birthday celebration festivities. I learned that lovebugs are attracted to white...this is REALLY good to know!! Kinda a neat idea to have a birthday party in a place only accessible by boat, LoL. It's a good point that the little kids did have three parties this year, so Mady and Cara weren't crazy to be upset. An orange juice squeezing contest? Really?? Interesting that Cara and Mady got their own pinata to hit... why not have the twins split and each work on a different one with the little kids? The cake was absolutely beautiful! (we know this episode was in April)

The second episode was really looking at Kate as a celebrity. I was kinda shocked to find out that she really did have hair extensions done in January. oh dear God, it took 16 hours to get her extensions put in?? I don't really like the solid white background that she does some of these interviews in now. Was Kate helping the kids with work they missed while they were on vacation or something? Or is this enrichment work?
(We know at least part of this episode was in May, and part was in April, and part was in March)

I also finally got to see the Jon and Kate Plus Eight finale, "It's a Crazy Life, But it's Our Life." Kate kinda repeated herself a few times throughout. Jon comes off as a real jerk when he talks about finally having freedom and being happy to be living in the city and able to get away and such. It wasn't fair that Mady said something, Jon overreacted, and both she and Cara weren't allowed to go raise money with the lemonade stand. I don't think it was fair for Cara at all. Plus, what happened to teaching the kids about charity? I thought the Reading jersey came out of nowhere. The kids were kinda overly-kissy. The "through the years" segments were cute. We also found out that the Gosselin house is about a mile from Spring Creek Farm, and their address is public knowledge, LoL. It was funny how they all liked the kittens better than the cows. I was expecting someone to prefer the cows.

Little People, Big World (S05E37 & S05E38): Seeing Zach and Amy take off was funny. Zach didn't know how to make a bed? Seriously? Good thing he didn't go away to college, LoL.

Molly was so happy to see her car, it made me happy for her. I think it's funny that Molly wasn't in love with the theme of the party, and the photo shoots in the street clothes was weird. That would've made more sense in something other than jeans and a plaid shirt, LoL. I thought it was very "Matt Roloff" that the car wouldn't start in the end, LoL.
[season final June 14th]

The Secret Life of the American Teenager (S03E01): Adrian isn't pregnant and the opening scene looked like crappy acting by Ben. Cute blood drive posters around the school. I thought it was interesting that the woman at the butcher shop said that she "was Adrian," LoL.Why do Ben and Ricky have such high hair? It's 2010, folks. Um, what's the deal? Jack's parents are willing to let him live with a friend for a YEAR just so he can finish his senior year at his old school?

Cake Boss (S03E02 & S03E03): The Coney Island Polar Bear club goes for the swims WEEKLY?? I always thought those types of things were once a year. I really liked the rendering of the polar bear cake. Cool ice cream machine! I LOVED the clown cake. It was gorgeous. I can only hope to someday have a cake that gorgeous for my future children. I love that Buddy's mom caught them and he tried lying to her face. Marco looked SO happy about seeing the cake. good for them!

Valentine's Day time! The Knot has Buddy do a cake to make 14 couples happy. That's ridiculous. Buddy kinda looked like he wanted to say no, but of course, he says yes. Where did this old guy Sal come from? The rendering looks so neat! I love that Buddy is now friends with the guy that Anthony hit, haha. I found it hilarious how the guys wanted in on the gossip of who Anthony wanted to take on a Valentine's Day date, and the looks on their faces when they found out who she was were priceless. Um, I doubt they went to Hoboken on their honeymoon. They probably went to NYC, and spent a day in Jersey, LoL. It's the week of Valentine's, and they thought they could just waltz in to a big-name bakery without ordering it first? hahaha. I think it's funny they didn't get cream cheese in their cake after all that, LoL. But, at least they got it and it was beautiful. The chocolate box concept was really neat and creative. I thought Danny's reaction when he found out about Anthony taking out his daughter was hilarious.

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Off season:
Wipeout (back 6/22)
The Goode Family (this has been pulled from Comedy Central, so I'm gonna take it off next week, it's not coming back. boo.)
Futurama (June 24th, 10pm)
16 and Pregnant / Teen Mom (Teen Mom back this summer, not sure on 16 and Pregnant)
South Park (have not yet heard, but I assume October or so)
House, M.D. (season 7 starts in September)
Hot in Cleveland
(new show, starts June 16th on TVLand)
Mr. Sunshine (new show, starts in the Fall on ABC)
The Simpsons (season 22 starts in the fall)
Table for 12
: (missing "summer," "busy day," "jumping in," "brace yourself," "back to school") Family Guy (season 9 starts in the fall)
How I Met Your Mother
(season 6 starts in the fall)
19 Kids and Counting
(Season 5 starts August 10th at 9pm)
Minute to Win It (back Wednesday, July 7th)
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