Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lie to Me - Darkness & Light ...of The Lightman Group

by Jonathan Bredemeyer

Lie to Me

We open with Lightman and Foster soliciting a videographer to make a porn video. They make a good show of it as Foster asks for a threesome with a girl in a previous video of the videographer. After confessing he doesn't have the girl's number, they bribe him further and he caves.

Ironically, this is the day Emily gets to shadow Cal. Today's case appears to be tracking down a coach's missing daughter (pro bono) who turned up in several porn videos. Emily knows the coach's other daughter (conveniently) and Lightman questions Emily about her (this is probably hinting at something later). Lightman delivers the porn videos to Loker and Torres and creates a porn-watching contest for a promotion. Cal moves on to interviewing porn stars, the first of whom is the missing girl's (Molly) ex-roommate. The roommate guesses Molly was the 'damaged' type of porn star and leaves after (surprise surprise) Cal offends her. The coach/father reassures Foster and Lightman that he never molested her.

Meanwhile, Emily was in the middle of reassuring the missing girl's sister when the coach busts in and to tries to get out of there. The daughter defends the dad and they storm out. Reynolds comes back with a lead on a hospital bill. Foster, Lightman, and Reynolds crash a brothel at the address and find the missing girl upstairs. Lightman brings the girl his house where she adamantly refuses to go home. Cal, Emily, and Foster finally wear her down into telling them that her dad killed her mom.

Molly goes on to tell how she witnessed her dad ignoring her mom's fall down the stairs and repressed the memory until a year ago. Reynolds and Lightman head to the coach's house to threaten him with losing his other daughter and murder charges in hopes he'll talk. Emily, Foster, and Molly have some girl-bonding time. Emily and Foster try to convince her to like her real sister, Amy. Emily gets cold feet about getting to know a troubled girl like Molly. Foster encourages her to keep going (probably getting chastised by Lightman later for it).

Torres and Loker try several mind games on each other, including trying to get one another not to play Lightman's game. After another rather intense girl-bonding session with the girl trio, Loker and Torres end up drinking in a bar. They play 2 truths and a lie, which ends up in a make-out session. Meanwhile, back at the office, we're introduced to a new interrogation 'cube' as Lightman interviews the coach. He starts with telling him Molly has HIV, which freaks him out. Cal proposes that he put both he and Molly in the same room. This works as the coach finally tells his story and reveals it was Molly's fault that his wife died, as she was emulating a monkey in a cartoon by leaving toys around for people to slip on. The coach apparently kept this from everyone by picking up all the toys before the police got there to protect Molly.

Foster and Lightman suggest that the family keep this secret from Molly as it would traumatize her too much. Emily drops a hint that she's not cool with the situation, after Lightman reveals he was 18 when his mom killed herself with pills. Amy claims she has an idea for a lie that would work. Loker and Torres have slept together and have the awkward 'first work conversation' the next morning. Ironically, the office secretary reads their awkwardness and confirms the rumor of a new VP position. Torres confirms her desire for the promotion and turns downs Loker's offer to keep things the same.

Reynolds and Foster begin the hunt for the 'HIV spreader' in the local porn business. They track down the offender who proudly hands over a laminated card 'proving' he's clean... Lightman heads off to the 'clinic' to get tested. They arrest the doctor and give the coach a chance to confront the guy who infected his daughter. The 'story' they feed Molly is that her sister Amy is the one who left the toys out. Molly buys the collaborated lie that her dad was protecting both daughters by hiding the act.

Loker gets the promotion and Torres turns down his offer to 'celebrate.' Emily and Cal end the episode by bonding a bit and Emily deleting her essay.

So glad Fox has decided to have 'summer finale's as well... Lie to Me's is in two weeks.

Funniest Line: "Who said the FBI was just a bunch of puppets?" "That would be you, dad."
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