Friday, September 3, 2010

Bye, Huge! Where's Cake Boss?

by Amy K. Bredemeyer


Kate Plus Eight
(S01E04): the edge of Hades?? Isn't that a little rough? I'm curious as to which train station that is, LoL. Hmmm. they took Amtrak. I always take NJTransit into NYC, LoL. Kate didn't seem to enjoy the train, LoL. Two doesn't seem like enough adults for six kids in New York City. "you have to eat candy to get ice cream" - what kinda logic is that? When one of the twins doesn't like Kate's plan, she tells the girl to shush... kinda strange. Kate sprinting for the bus was funny, too. They were dripping hardcore, tho. Cara wanted a milkshake or bust, LoL. I feel like Kate wasn't keeping a close eye on her kids in Chinatown. And her constant heat complaints got old. haha, Kate didn't know what dim sum was. Seeing the forks at a dim sum place also threw me for a second there, LoL. I wonder if they took subways or taxis to get from one area to another... I doubt Kate walked from Chinatown to Central Park! Pennsylvania is not THAT much cooler than NYC, people. Of course you're going to win whack-a-mole, Kate! Your kids are small and have slower reflexes than you! Why didn't some of the kids want to be in the photo? I wonder if they're calling the kids by numbers now to avoid them being noticed as quickly by others? Watching Kate climb the ladder in heels was strange. I also wasn't sure how I felt about the reference to the Duggars. hahaha, Kate telling the crowd to email her their pictures so they get a good one was funny. If you're not allowed to film at the pedestal, why are they showing "personal footage" ??

The Secret Life of the American Teenager
I think the actress who plays Amy is getting much better at acting, LoL. Henry and Alice are weird. Leo is looking mighty tan. Grant's mom looks really young, and Grace's hair looks weird. Random sleep-speak by Tom. Random that Ashley was sitting outside Amy's room, listening. And I can't believe she STILL likes Ricky! Anne really gave Ricky a chewing-out. This episode is really too Ricky-Amy heavy. What's with all the group-sleeping again?? Ricky acted REALLY weird when he brought John in the next morning.
Cake Boss (S03Exx): not this week

Huge (S01E10): I can't believe Will took Amber to the locked cafeteria! Salty knows she's the only one who knows where the key is kept, so they'll know immediately who it was! Amber chewing the brownie but then spitting it out was gross, and I liked how Will called her on it. At least we see some overweight parents this time. I'm glad that Becca finally confronted Chloe. I wonder why Chloe & Alistair's parents left early... That's a big gap in children... a 15-year-old and someone in their thirties... Alistair cutting his shirt and putting on that necklace was an interesting scene. Again, strange double meanings in most everything Dr. Rand says. I don't know whose face was more shocking when Ian & Amber showed up holding hands: Will's or George's! Impressive that Becca confronted Will, too.
I feel like there were more, shorter segments this week instead of more longer ones.

Melissa & Joey (S01E04):
haha Easter joke. That's a GIANT closet. I like how Joe had to remind Mel to ask who the guy was that she just said Lennox could see the following night. "tall, dark, and neck-deep in law school debt," haha. that closet became GORGEOUS. I want one. I'm ready for a Ryder storyline...
19 Kids and Counting (S05E06): "Life in the Pond" is their cartoon of choice. It's a radio show first, and the Duggars will get to participate. This is their first time voicing characters, but they've been in almost 100 TV programs!! I wouldn't have guessed half that many! I thought it was funny that he knew Jackson was a ham and wanted him to have a big part, and then found out the kid can't read yet, LoL. Funny how they got the littlest kids to be able to participate. I was surprised that they splice together so much of it later instead of having the characters read back-to-back. Although, the guy did say that he thought it would take a lot of "takes" so I imagine that was part of this strategy. Why in the world did they bring a moving truck of that size?? Oh goodness, apparently they did need it! They moved 5 tons of stuff... when I moved to California for the first time I think we moved like 800 or 900 pounds, LoL. I wonder how they decided who to bring to Little Rock to move Michelle and Josie... and SURPRISE! Jana is home!
Teen Mom (S02E06):
Catelynn: her mom sucks.
Maci: transferring with 9 credits, LoL. you mean, starting over, more or less?
Farrah: I kinda want her to be written off, LoL.
Amber: interesting that Amber really wants the diploma instead of a GED. Amber was awkward in that counseling office about her academic future. She wants to get the GED and then GO BACK TO HIGH SCHOOL??
If You Really Knew Me (S01E06): Paris, Texas. Drill team is more popular than cheerleaders? And cheerleaders actually have a leadership role. 900 students. self-segregates. the woman called adolescents "creatures" really, Jock, you think stereotyping is over now??
Minute to Win It (S02E11): this started at some point before we got it broadcast, because of Obama. They were on that game where they had to organize the cans of pennies by holding/weighing/shaking them. The girls seemed really upset that they cut to a commercial just before they found out if they got the jars all correct.
Game 5: Triple Pong Plop: Team game. Bounce ping pong balls on three dinner plates and into a bucket. Do it FOUR times between the two of you. They got it pretty fast.
Game 6: Separation Anxiety: 50 M&Ms have to be sorted into 5 cups. Use one hand and put them all in the right places in 60 seconds. The cups are now labeled so you can't choose your own order. They both kept saying the colors together and went down the line, "red, orange, yellow, green, blue" so smart. She finishes with 8 seconds left.
Game 7: CD Dominos: 20 plastic CD cases have to be placed around so the last one lands in a bucket. She messes up and knocks some over the wrong direction with less than ten seconds to spare, and coincidentally doesn't have time to fix it. The second try runs out of time to set-up, and it doesn't work, anyway. It doesn't happen on the third try for them, either, and they're out.
Wipeout (S03E14): all ladies tonight. Obama cut in and made it start late, and subsequently I missed the last person in the Wipeout Zone and part of the second-to-last person. All that rain is ridiculous!! awesome faceplant wipeout immediately I didn't realize high school students were ever on this show, LoL. We have twins here, LoL. A famous trapeze artist? How hurting for ratings are we?? The last girl was pretty darn good on the qualifier, LoL. Interest blue-and-white hibiscus wetsuit...err, whatever. Nothing over-exciting about the second round. The real estate woman was REALLY bad.

Minute to Win It (S02E12):
wait, she's a press secretary by day and an ATLANTA FALCONS CHEERLEADER by night? That's original. He's a family man who delivers soda. They're a random pairing, this Natalie and Scott. They are hilarious together. I've also decided to start guessing how far each (pair of) contestant(s) will make it when we first meet them. I put these folks at game 7, and they made it to 7!
Game 1: Candelier: Stack a tower: one can, a plate, two cans, a plate, three cans, a plate, four cans, a plate, five cans. It has to stand for three seconds. Scott goes for it, and finishes with 21 seconds to spare. His technique really was putting an entire layer on the plate at once, so it was never unbalanced: smart.
Game 2: Face the Cookie: both play, put a cookie on each forehead, and get it into your mouth without touching it. You can use another cookie if yours falls. She gets it early on, he struggles and drops quite a few before being victorious with like 6 seconds to go.
Game 3: Yank Me: place index cards between four plastic cups, making a tower. THEN, yank out the cards so the cups fall onto each other. Scott builds it fine. He yanks 'em fast and he's dine fast!
Game 4: Magic Carpet Ride: Scoot around the floor track by inching along on a bath mat. They do it.
Game 5: Bouncer: Team game. Operate a ping pong ball assembly line by bouncing a ping pong ball into each of 24 glasses. That's 12 each. He's much better than she is, but she gets the hang of it after a while and flies for a while. He finishes, she has 4 glasses left, and finishes with 22 seconds to spare!
Game 6: Defying Gravity: keep three balloons in the air for a minute. And stay in a certain area. Twenty seconds in it started getting harder. He had them more organized halfway through. I was worried when he had about 15 seconds to go, but he makes it!
Game 7: High Roller: One cup, one hand. Scoop dice, swirl them around, make stacks of three, four, and five dice by lifting the cup off of them. Stacks have to hold 3 seconds. This game looks insanely difficult! The video clip shows people doing much higher stacks on uneven surfaces, but this is freaking nuts! Although, maybe if I took the time to try it, I wouldn't feel that way. She struggles with 3, I think because she doesn't make a nice circle to get centrifugal force going. Scott cheers her on nicely, but she never even gets the 3. They decide Scott should try next. He gets the 3 on pace. The 4 is harder, he keeps getting only 3 of them. :( He's immediately ready to do it again. He gets the 3 pretty fast. The 4 gives him the same problem: three keep stacking but not the fourth. He gets the 4 with 7 seconds to go, but the 5 just runs out of time.

(S06E12): season finale and 100th episode. Heart medicine via souffle?? The "running start" thing was stupidly funny. I did laugh at the "I'll take it here, under my fork." What was with the ton of dalmatians??!? (This was kinda funny for me to watch, as I had DVR'd it and watched it right after seeing some of Titanic on TV.) Funny cut at Safeway ice cream. hahaha, "Landboat." The way the Astor storyline fit in at the end was weird, but I think my favorite part of the episode was when they added in a random demand just so they could drop it in the negotiations.
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Off season/Coming Up:
Little People, Big World (season 6 {the final season!} starts next week!)
House, M.D.
(season 7 starts September 20th)
How I Met Your Mother
(season 6 starts September 20th)
The Simpsons
(season 22 starts September 26th)
Family Guy
(season 9 starts September 26th)
Mr. Sunshine (new show, starts in the Fall on ABC)
South Park
(have not yet heard, but I assume October or so)
Burn Notice (back November 11)
Hot in Cleveland (back in January)
Table for 12: (missing "summer," "busy day," "jumping in," "brace yourself," "back to school")

16 and Pregnant
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