Monday, October 11, 2010

Favorite Episodes: The Torkelsons / Almost Home

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

This is one of those shows that got re-tooled pretty heavily and still only lasted two seasons. The first season (The Torkelsons) takes place in Pyramid Corners, Oklahoma, and focuses on a single mom raising her five children on the verge of bankruptcy. The second season (Almost Home) features the same mother with only three children (poor Ruth-Ann and Steven-Floyd got the boot), working as a live-in housekeeper for a widower with two children in Seattle.

Both seasons had their charm. The first season had boy-next-door Riley and the second season had rich-kid Gregory, so there was plenty of eye-candy, LoL. The first season's storylines dealt with being have-nots, making due, and Dorothy-Jane being in love. The second season featured irresponsible kids learning what work is like, Dorothy-Jane continuing to seek out popularity, and more teenager issues.

Season 1: "It's My Party" (S01E19) Dorothy Jane is again going after popularity. She hosts a party, and wants everything to be exactly right. Millicent can't afford bottled water, so she thinks it would be just fine to get bottles from the recycling center and fill them herself. Meanwhile, Dorothy Jane only invites the cool kids (like Callie), and not her other friends, since she wanted to make sure there's nothing for the guests not to like. She even ignores a school commitment in order to hang out with the cool girls. Quality isn't the best, but here's Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Season 2: "Dueling Birthdays" (S02E08) Dorothy-Jane and Molly have birthdays close together, resulting in their sixteenth birthday parties coinciding. Molly's is your typical extravagant bash, while Dorothy-Jane is celebrating with her favorite meal with her family. While Dorothy-Jane longs for the excitement and adventure of a party with everything and everyone, Molly wishes for a more intimate affair with people who actually care about her. No video on this one.
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