Friday, October 8, 2010

South Park is Back

by Amy K. Bredemeyer


The Simpsons
"I did not see the teacher applying for welfare" was an interesting board-opener. Driving the couch was also funny. The electric couch was not. Scratchy & Mrs. Scratchy started fixing the house in their wedding clothes?? I was sad for the ways Itchy killed them... twice. Kat Spayed was funny. Who is that guy who is making fun of Marge? Funny business card, tho. "Researching a movie about myself" as an excuse to snort cocaine... ooooook. LMAO - the minute you go undercover, you act like you don't know me," LoL!! What sort of hand presentation was Martin doing? "Temporarily own the hell out of it" was a funny line. hahaha on seeing Skinner get pushed into the closet Lisa didn't know that Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of college?? I thought this was common knowledge... Cute skating rink moment. I laughed at the facebook status and comments at the end. Wait, what did Maggie do with her money? And I guess I forgot what Home did before he started habitually-buying-to-return, LoL.

Family Guy (S09E02):
This episode was overly Brian-centric. OMG the swingset on the car made be gasp at Peter's expression! Um, there was NO line for Rush Limbaugh's book signing? Rush saving Brian from the gang was funny. 4 pages? how do you come up with that?? As the music played and Brian's eyes got bigger, I laughed. I wasn't a big fan of the Hummer/gay comment. heh, "never knew a Democrat to pass up pork" - what does that mean, exactly? haha on the reminder that McCain can't raise his hands... especially when he couldn't give the Harlem Globetrotter a High 5. It's Rhode Island. How many roads are there?? (talking about the free roads/turnpike argument) Um, Martin Luther King as a "troublemaker"? No. The "bad ideas" thing was funny. Still, I liked Sons of Tucson. Interesting commentary on how all of the American-made stuff fails. Is there a "country jail" in Washington, DC? The "gave credit to a woman for anything" comment angered me.

American Dad (S06E01): I only watched this because it was the 100th episode and highly touted. Weird opener with the "Who killed Mr. Burns?" thing, LoL. Roger having the remote the whole time was disturbing. I asked aloud why the koala chauffeur was stopping to talk to Jeff, but I was told that Hayley used to date the koala. Um, WHAT??!? The Superman-turn-back-time thing was weird, and I don't know that all that many watchers understood the reference... What was up with that map? Hayley was moving too fast and they're kinda south in Virginia to be in DC, LoL. "It's a dead end," WHOA, Francine. Whoa "mom with benefits" / "brother-sister" thing. Stan re-attached the dog's legs?? Francine ripping out the lining of her purse was weird, too. She's not usually this dumb... is she? "I'm gonna call NYC and get my Hebrews on this" LoL, LOVE it. bleh, all of the deaths happened on the bus. Why would they drive NORTH to go to Mexico?? The Scooby reference was funny. Roger on Turkish amphetamines was ridiculous. Bet the "I played x in episode 302" thing confused people since this episode is labeled at the 100th episode and lots of people don't know how production codes work. "President Shakes" on the $100 bill also upset me. That was nuts. The calling of the mom was over the top with the CIA guy. How in the world did they end up in Thailand??!? "7 fetuses" = shocked & jaw-dropped. I don't know how I felt about the scheme aspect. The Chitty Chitty Bang Bang thing was amusing & surprising.


Kate Plus Eight
(S01Exx): not this week.

Little People, Big World (S06E08): Jeremy bought that truck a YEAR ago already?? Jeremy without hair is weird. I guess it's a "budget" issue, because we all know he has plenty of time, LoL. Was Matt really that surprised that he's a micro-manager? It was interesting to see that Amy is anxious and knows it's hard to get a project by Matt... but he does tons of stuff without Amy's approval/thoughts. haha, calling Matt "MR" for his initials, LoL. Matt did have a goof point that you should get a car to work before you paint it - but he was willing to help Jeremy get some experience and a good deal. Sorry, but Amy with a kerchief and a shovel kinda makes her look like on of Snow White's seven dwarves, LoL. It's way more work to take a car to get painted when you can't drive it there, LoL. Wait. Now it doesn't look like a truck, LoL. Jeremy looked really surprised about the prices of those seals. Oh. And Matt is willing to loan him money and pay him top dollar for him to work around the farm. At least we saw the wood shed again, and it's actually going to get a bit organized. "months and months of working" means he didn't get the money right away? And there's obviously a ton of editing here, LoL. We see Jeremy's hair several different lengths. Funny to hear Jeremy call Matt "my father" instead of "my dad." Weird that Matt really blames Amy for teamwork issues, not even considering that it's at least 50/50. I don't really like seeing the whole car come together in one episode. I would've preferred seeing it little by little. Um... Jeremy drives it home, but is it registered and insured? I woulda liked to see Jeremy go through that, figuring that stuff out.

House, M.D. (S07E03): really? she uses a typewriter in this day and age?? hehe, he put the bitten candy back in the box. House really reads those books?!? Nice that House gave Chase the night off because he's got a date, LoL. haha, "if it's any consolation, I didn't get any sleep last night, either." "What room should I return it to?" nice, Cuddy. I was surprised at the patient's deductive skills about the perfume on the cardigan, but then I remembered she writes mystery novels, LoL. Loved the "Everybody Lies" on Taub's labcoat. Love that House tricked the patient into extending her psych hold. What, exactly, is Sam's real job again? Weird that House and Sam have this author in common. Since they were talking about commonalities being important in long-term relationships earlier, I wonder if this is foreshadowing that House is going to cheat on Cuddy with Sam... Lupus! Love when that makes an appearance! go-karts is cute... I loved that scene... the Jews thing made it even funnier. The evil laugh was weird. Using the cane was dirty, LoL. They got banned!!! LoL. and Cuddy blames House for the injury because he picked the activity?? Brilliant way for him to figure out the diagnosis. Very old-school methodology for this show. Touching when House talked to the woman about her son. I'm glad she hired the maid back, too.

How I Met Your Mother (S06E03): haha on Marshall as a wingman. Lily's "where is the poop" thing was kinda gross. And she wouldn't leave it alone. Sex with a girl three times before having sex with her... DAAANG! haha. "it was arounf the time everyone was going whazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzup." Interesting going through people's phones for useless numbers, LoL. Whoa... BIG LOL on Marshall's funk band. Everyone's phones make the same sound when you delete a contact??!? I thought it was funny that Ted finally said yes anyway to the building. Glad that Robin eventually forgot Don's number... now we don't have to worry about that creeping up again... I hope.

Melissa & Joey (S01E09):
Real cinnamon rolls are a pain in the butt. In a can, they're much easier and more worth it. Lennox is in 10th grade, got it. Whoa... the whole fake-lesbian-getting-on-Oprah thing was a weird stretch. Having Joe pump iron was a bit of an overkill... is the show hurting that badly for ratings?? Joe worked in NJ, so I guess that's where Lennox & Ryder are from. But Joe was born in a Korean military hospital, which is rather interesting. Lennox taking up gay right was funny. haha - "mouthy fraud. or actually something harsher but with the same initials." What constitutes "citizenship papers" ?? Can't you just show a passport? I liked
Mel's first assistant better... where did she go? That is SOOO many boxes! Crappy about the re-box misunderstanding between Joe and Mel. Why did Mel let the assistant leave (even if it was to care for her father)? It seems to me that, especially in that circumstance, Mel would make her stay. I don't really get why Mel was so ready to fire Joe, either. "I got airbags, man. They're like big pillows" um, yikes. "3 words." "Ryder, Photoshop, Felony." I LOVE it! haha "no way in heck." I think they're writing in too much sexual tension, especially if they want to avoid romantic involvement for several seasons. I'm surprised that media believed Mel saying Lennox wasn't gay... I'd think that they'd claim that Mel was just in denial.
19 Kids and Counting (S05E11): having the cameraman announce the episode was different. haha, they only see the sunrise when they do The Today Show. But I can't blame them... half the time I see the sunrise I'm on my way to the airport, LoL. Josh looked almost asleep when Meredith started interviewing. Oh boy, a back-to-back interview with Mike Huckabee, LoL. We don't see any of that one. Johannah looked pretty calm about it, and it stopped bleeding. We see it just after it happened, as opposed to later on. It bothered me that JimBob said that because it was a girl, they wanted it fixed nicely... if it were a boy, they'd probably let it tear. 300 stitches over 19 kids... but I wonder how many of them have actually had them. I would be freaked if they were filming people sew my face, LoL. Those midway games are so expensive, I'm surprised that the Duggars did those! Anna likes funnel cakes, ok... Joy didn't look too happy carrying a baby instead of playing with the boys, LoL. So many of the rides at the fair are spinny, I'm surprised nobody got sick. Anna really started freaking out about the height and the fact that there was no seatbelt. I liked that Anna wore an Arkansas t-shirt. Very non-Duggar. I kinda wanted to see more of the Duggars' reactions to the ferris wheel, LoL. Accidents happen, guys. Kids are kids. Johannah's swelling and stitches would've been more realistic than having 19 perfectly-groomed children, LoL. We just saw a photo shoot last week... but we go ahead and do another segment about photographing for People this week?
Teen Mom (S02E11):
Catelynn: I love seeing how giddy they are when they talk about Carly! Catelynn was sitting strangely on that bench. What wound up Tyler so much?? Yet another weird interaction between Catelynn and her mom. That whole "I don't need an excuse, I'm your mom" thing doesn't really work when your daughter already had a kid.
Maci: the way her friend was asking her questions made it seem like she was trying to find out FOR Kyle, LoL. Did Bentley turn 2 at some point?? Because it's pretty unusual for boys to handle potty training at just a year old. Her brighter red hair is a bit much.

Farrah: Farrah hugging the DNA-testing woman was strange. Farrah is so weird to her baby daddy's sister. And she's so ugly when she cries.
Amber: wait. Gary wasn't the one who was wrong and he wants to get Amber a "monster" flower arrangement?? And then Amber treats him like that when she asks him to do her a favor?? The guy she's dating her a tattoo on the side of his hand?!? He's on work-release from jail?!?!? He's really strange. Kissing during your first meal together?? Saying you LOVE the idea of Amber having a baby? At least she mentions in her narration that it's clear he's trying too hard. I'm tired of Amber's eye rolls.
The Middle
haha, she lied to Brick about a candy law. haha, Brick is trying to test everything that he's ever been told. Whoa, I would've never guessed she would have meant "adult diapers," I wonder why that kid did. I liked how she kept pointing out that she could have a kid if she wanted. Sue's crush was amusing, but her friend claiming that she's on her way to marriage was ridiculous. The kid just danced on the porch, LoL. I like how his name was Brad, and that's the same name the dorky kid had on Grounded for Life. Using a cootie-catcher to make a decision is so third grade. I love how Sue and Shawn totally were on different planes in that conversation.

Better With You
: haha, opening parallels about waking up in the morning. You know, I haven't figured out the credits via photo booth strip yet. Vicky wanting to show off her legs was funny. Why would you measure your head every fall?? "the most famous break-up spot in the village" ?? The wingback chairs were interesting, though. I literally laughed out loud TWICE at "every time the card goes out, an angel dies." haha, urine = urgent on auto-correct. I also laughed out loud when Vicky announced she wants to be in Mady & Ben's card. Dang, CSI: Christmas Scene Investigators is awesome. One Flew Over the Christmas Nest was good too, but a bit different. "No-people" hahahahaha. again with the out loud, particularly "you already got the job, bro, you don't have to keep applying." And I love how they can't say no and that's how they ended up in the card. so is it December now at the end or was in a flash-forward? Like how they sat around and judged the cards together.

South Park (S14E08): first, a thought about the Burger King commercial that was on at the very beginning... I'm crazy surprised that the pillow is real!! I bet that's the best marketing strategy by Burger King since they had the video games come out. "NASCAR is only for poor & stupid people. I could never be that" LMAO. lmao "as poor and stupid as I possibly can." nice renderings of the Two and a Half Men characters. oh geez... short-term memory loss = stupid to Cartman?? ewwww.... he's EATING is!!! Butters lied to the guy and Cartman just jumped in the car?? haha on the medical diagnosis. Where's Cartman's mom when he's in the hospital?? Or heck, at all this episode??? Cartman killed ELEVEN people? and he's not in ANY trouble?? hahahahaha, Vagisil is sponsoring a car for him. And they even modified the cockpit to be driven "by a child." Is Cartman confusing the drivers with the fans?? hehe, now he's "dipping" the Vagisil!!?! The repetitive "every day" was awkward. You don't have to have a driver's license to do NASCAR, LoL? hahaha, Cartman eliminated all of the other racers.
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Off season/Coming Up:

Cake Boss (season 3 to continue October 11th)
16 and Pregnant (October 26th, 10pm, MTV)
Burn Notice (back November 11)
Hot in Cleveland (season 3 to start in January)
Mr. Sunshine (new show, starts in January on ABC. can't speculate the timeslot until we start knowing what's going to get replaces, LoL.)
Minute to Win It (season 3 to start...)
Wipeout (season 4 back next summer)
The Secret Life of the American Teenager (not sure)
Table for 12: (missing "summer," "busy day," "jumping in," "brace yourself," "back to school")

Huge (canceled. will remove next week)
Futurama (unknown)
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