Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Drinking to 3rd Rock from the Sun

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

3rd Rock from the Sun
is downright funny. When you're having a drink while watching the show, it's downright hilarious. There's just something about the ongoing gags of misunderstanding and confusion that create a fabulous comic moment. Every time. The everlasting "first time experiencing ____" is just funny. Now, I'm a big fan of John Lithgow and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in particular, but Jane Curtin is fabulous in this show as well. As we have done with several other shows, my husband and I are working our way through the series, and finished season 3 about a month ago (we're on hiatus from extra-tv at the moment). So, we are about half-way through the series. It'll be a while before we get back to it (like Thanksgiving), so I wanted to go ahead and feature the drinking game that we've created for this show. It's short, but generally power-punching.

Take a Drink...
- whenever the main four are on the roof
- whenever the main four are in the car (gets less common as the series goes on)
- whenever Dick says "Mary"
- whenever Mary and Nina gossip
- whenever someone talks about getting laid
- whenever they reference that they're not human
- whenever Dick has a breakthrough
- whenever someone says "high commander"
- whenever Sally does something lady-like for the first time
- whenever we see Mrs. Dubcek, the landlord
- whenever Tommy gets denied
- whenever Harry says something stupid (however, in certain episodes this is overkill)
- whenever they misunderstand something earthly (like jello or snow)

Take 2 Drinks...
- whenever Nina's NOT wearing a short skirt
- whenever they have no idea how to answer a question
- whenever Don's not in uniform
- whenever they get a message from the Big Giant Head
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