Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Drinking to Seinfeld

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

This is the final installment in the Drinking Game series. With the holiday season already on top of us, I'm planning to return Wednesdays to updates of holiday episodes and specials, like I did last year. So, feel free to suggest new "lists" and other ideas for new Wednesday series starting in January! I may put up a poll after I get a couple of ideas, so if you don't regularly visit the actual site, I'll let you know when that goes up so you can head over. :)

Seinfeld is a pretty funny show, but it definitely had a time and place, which I don't think would work as well if it was in first-run now. In the days of cell phones, many of their storylines about misunderstandings, answering machines, and not knowing who called would be moot. Still it's funny, it runs often, and makes for an excellent drinking game. I did mention some of my favorite episodes a while back, but these suggestions work for the whole series.

Take a drink whenever:
- all four main characters are together
- Kramer busts into Jerry's room
- the phone rings
- we hear the theme song or part of it
- Jerry is doing stand-up
- George's baldness is mentioned or alluded to
- Elaine is wearing glasses
- Kramer has a new money scheme
- someone tells a lie or doesn't reveal the whole truth
- someone gets injured (even mildly) or just goes to the doctor/dentist/etc.

Take two drinks whenever:
- Kramer's friend, Mickey
- we see parents
- we see Newman
- someone runs into someone they know accidentally
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