Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Burn Notice - "Dead or Alive"

by Jonathan Bredemeyer


Picked up from the "Bible gone wrong" moment through the big decision Mike has to make, he decides to turn over the big list of cover IDs of the people that burned him to the government. Jesse says he already talked to Marv (his old handler) about it. The catch is that Marv doesn't trust Michael. A meeting is set for Mike to convince Marv of his trustworthiness.

Marv proves to be a tough cookie, and for some reason insists Michael take a polygraph to prove he's telling the truth. Spy wisdom: "The truth, the verifiable, unvarnished truth, becomes the ultimate bargaining chip... The irony is that the only time you can afford to play that chip is when everything is on the line, and you only get to play it once."

Jesse heads to Michael's mom's place to retrieve some hidden items and unleashes the secret that he and Jesse almost have their jobs back. This turns out to be Sam's notes from when he used to inform on Michael to the FBI (complete with yogurt count). Sam's going on a job to help a cop who's an old friend, while Michael turns the info in to Marv (part of the full disclosure?).

Sam's case turns out to be his cop buddy's (Kevin) wife begging him to find out where he went after being falsely accused of killing some drug dealers and grabbing some money. He ropes the rest of the gang into helping, and they head off to talk to Sam's only lead. After tasering the guy, they load him in the trunk. "Spies.. often start interrogations in darkness, in completely unfamiliar locations, and the less the bad guy knows the better." The guy gives up Kevin's partner (Pete) as bad, and then claims he's dead. He confesses the whole story and admits he killed Kevin at Pete's request. Sam dramatically convinces the gang to take on the dirty cop, and then breaks the news to the widow.

Sam amazingly turns down a mojito as the gang creates a plan to set up Pete and force Ted (tased guy) to sell the drugs. Michael heads off to meet again with Marv and is surprised by Fi's support in getting his job back. Marv questions Michael about Sam and Fi and if they are loyal. Michael gets a bit testy, but Marv agrees to take the list and do what he can (I don't see that working out...)

Back at the loft, Sam and Michael begin preparing for the meeting with Pete... by making Napalm to "scare the hell" out of him. They head to the meeting and meet Pete. Michael heads out on point, claims he killed Ted, and basically intentionally scares off Pete. When Pete tries to leave, Michael plays tough... and lights a flaming ring of napalm around the both of them. In the "ring of trust" Michael goes a bit crazy-eyed but convinces Pete to do business.

Pete follows through on his agreement but keeps changing the plan because he's too scared. Mike creates a new plan that involves claiming Kevin is alive to scare Pete into acting. Sam and Jesse head over to convince the widow to play along. They set up Pete to meet Sam at Kevin's boat and begin the charade. Pete buys it and Sam scares him pretty good. Fi stops by Michael's mom's place and they talk about Michael 'returning to work.'

Pete heads to Kevin's house to confirm the story, and the widow holds it together to get the lie out. Fi and Jesse, dressed as internal affairs, intercept Pete on the way to his car and rattle him a bit more. Pete immediately calls Michael to set up the deal, but he insists on doing it on Pete's boat.

Michael heads to the boat, but Sam and Fi spot Pete with a detonator and warn Michael just in time to jump off. Michael calls Jesse to head off Pete by jamming up the 'interchange,' then heads off to convince Pete that he has to plant the drugs at Kevin's. The plan is for Sam to have cops waiting...

Jesse creates a pretty good jam. Michael walks up, pulls a gun on him, and finds a quiet place to talk. With a gun to his head, Pete spills why he tried to kill Michael and suggests the idea of planting the coke at Kevin's house. In the meantime, Sam has to pull a gun on another cop buddy to get him to come to Kevin's house to catch Pete in the act...

Michael gives an awesome motivational speech to pump up Pete to go into Kevin's house and plant the drugs. Sam and cops ambush Pete, and Sam finally gets to punch Pete in the face. After the funeral, Michael offers to buy Sam a drink... which he now accepts...

Michael finally confronts his mother on the issue of getting his job back, when Jesse interrupts to get Mike for the hand-off. At the meet, Marv looks really nervous and says "It's all taken care," which piques Mike's interest. Jesse noticed also, since he asks "Who ya taking it to?" After Marv replies, "I shouldn't say. It's for your own protection," Marv takes the list, walks directly to his 'security' and hands him the list. Michael notices the silencer on the gun, and then can't stop Marv from being shot. The bad guy drives off with the list and Michael spots Tyler Brennen in the SUV... the half-spy, half-sociopath that Michael and team scared to death last time they met.

In the preview for the finale, Brennen and Vaughn are shown as the bad guys, but the worst news: it shows the charger getting blown up... let's hope that's not the case.
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