Friday, January 14, 2011

2011 is Ready to Go!!

by Amy K. Bredemeyer


Bridalplasty (S01E07):
Jenessa doesn't have a lot of pain. Allyson is liking her arms, and she is released from the recover room. I think that Jenessa wanted to be released too, simply so she wouldn't be apart from the group and if she was with everyone else it would be easier to continue to manipulate. I think it's weird that they're doing a lot of the before-and-after photos now when the girls are talking. The mothers-in-law get brought in. Jenessa's mother-in-law couldn't make it (she's older), so she got a sister-in-law instead. Cheyenne is thrilled her MIL came, since apparently this is only like the second time she's ever flown. Everyone had to talk about the challenges they need to overcome in order to improve their relationships. Cheyenne is a shopper. Dominique's job is a bartender. Kristen mentions that she doesn't like being compared to former exes. Jenessa feels that her fiance trusts his mother more than he trusts her. They all get photoshoots with their MILs. Everyone goes to the Venice Beach boardwalk for the challenge. You have to take 10 photos of 10 things to get points (items are 1-5). There are more than 10 options, so use your photos wisely. Jenessa is on medical leave so she's not competing. Lisa Marie wants to win because she's the only girl left who hasn't had a procedure. On the way there they all talk to their MILs about strategy. Cheyenne lost her mom right off the bat. She cries about it not being fair. Lisa Marie was waaaay intense, LoL. Allyson is way excited and thinks she can win, especially since her MIL is outspoken like she is, and game for everything on the list. She even says that this is something that they'd do on a weekend at home! Cheyenne finally finds her MIL. Cheyenne tried to make up the time by taking photos quickly, but they didn't got for the higher point values. Kristen says it was the hardest thing she's ever done.
Scavenger Hunt that we heard (although we know there were probably like 50 options, haha):
One of you buried in the sand (?)
pointing at a belly ring that's not yours (?)
someone fully clothed and soaking wet (5)
someone that was alive but is now dead (?) (and not even sure if anyone did this one)
A dog on someone's head (3)
standing in a trash can (3)
An old man dancing with the bride (1)
six-person human pyramid (5)
tattoo on lower back (?)
tattoo below the waist (3)
both touching a palm tree (3)
a kiss on both cheeks (1)
a bald guy's head with a smiley face drawn on it
skateboard spanking circle (3)
Playing instrument with two people clapping (5)
a little bit of butt crack (3)
baby wearing sunglasses (1)
rubbing lotion on abs (1)

Jenessa wants Kristen or Cheyenne in the bottom. Jenessa is angry that Lisa Marie did so many one-pointers. Cheyenne gets 32. Allyson gets 34. Lisa Marie gets just 24. Dominique gets 38. Kristen gets 28. This puts Lisa Marie and Kristen in the bottom. Kristen is upset that she might go home against Lisa Marie!! (who, by the way, is in the bottom for the FOURTH time!) Dominique gets to pick another surgery (her MIL has a funny look on her face at that), and she goes with getting veneers on her teeth. Dominique gets doctored up by a different person, since Dr. Dubow doesn't do teeth or something, LoL. Kristen confides in Cheyenne and calls LM a cockroach that just won't die, hahaha. LM, meanwhile, is just crying. I like how Allyson wazs thinking that Lisa Marie needed to "pick herself up" since that's the realization that Allyson came to in the beginning. LM talks about how she poured her life into that challenge... which I don't get. I mean, you knew how many points each thing was worth ahead of time, so you knew how many points you were going to get! 24 is less than half... how did she think that was going to be acceptable and a competitive score?? Allyson has a feeling that she's going to be the deciding vote, and Jenessa reminds her that it's a competition and Kristen is a stronger competitor, so you have to get rid of her. Kristen repeats her cockroach comment in front of Allyson and Allyson is shocked. Jenessa tells LM not to leave Kristen and Allyson alone. Lisa Marie follows Allyson around room-to-room and it annoys Allyson. There's a lot of shaping and stuff that goes into those veneers before they're cemented! I gotta say, tho... the difference wasn't all that great to me. Allyson tells Jenessa that she is angry that LM is so down and following her around. Allyson also tells Jenessa that she was going to vote for Kristen until the cockroach comment. Lisa Marie, Kristen, and Cheyenne greet Dominique and Dominique comments on LM's mopeyness. Jenessa and Dominique talk about how it's like a full-time job to keep Lisa Marie in the house. Allyson confronts Kristen. Kristen knows she let her mouth get the best of her. LM is trying to play the "I haven't even had a surgery yet" card. I did NOT like Cheyenne's dress. Jenessa claims that Allyson said she was voting for Lisa Marie, so when Allyson mentions that she isn't sure what she's doing, Jenessa flips out. I don't understand why Jenessa keeps changing how heavy-duty her bandages are, LoL. Allyson says that the two girls that she is closest to are Kristen and Lisa Marie, so that's why this makes her decision so much more difficult. Cheyenne brings up the cockroach thing without being specific. Then she sits with Kristen. Allyson talks about LM's negativity and Kristen's mouth. Allyson sat with Kristen because "she doesn't want to be down in the dumps." LM feels betrayed and looks stunned. Jenessa can't affect the outcome, but she gets a chance to speak. She brings up the exact comment and LM GLARES. Jenessa is shocked that Allyson would sit at Kristen's table after that, and she even does some sort of weird hiss/tongue-click thing. Allyson gets pissed at Jenessa. AND Jenessa voted for Kristen since she wants to "be neutral" and "start over." Jenessa doesn't even make eye contact with LM. Kristen apologizes to LM, but LM still glares. Allyson is pissed that Jenessa is throwing people under the bus. Lisa Marie doesn't say much, and leaves without tears, which was impressive. Next week we'll see the fiances and there will be a lie-detector test with the boys.

The Simpsons (S22E10):
"January is not National Bart month" haha. I thought the opening couch gig was funny, especially the "Ottoman Empire" part, hahaha. Nelson pouring the cooler on Mrs. Krebappel (sp?) was funny. "winning team doesn't have to play dodgeball until next year" was funny. Another instance of "challenge accepted" and a funny imagination of Jets vs. Sharks. Voting to wait for "shine" was funny. Nelson "excusing" Martin to go home was funny. That's a weird scar that Bart has that we've never seen before... Peanuts in the shower are gross. Bart asks Marge about the scar, and she brings up a Mommy and Me group from way back... Taxes on toilet paper was weird. very weird. Turns out all four boys from the group have that scar, and nobody knows how they got it. "skype with the guys at Moe's" was funny. The brain map was rather disturbing. Bart's frustration with the guys was interesting. The doctor tells Bart that the story can be heard from the Comic Book Guy. The Comic Book Guy makes a funny reference to Na'vi and Klingon being about the same, haha. I love how Bart used an inky finger to torture the Comic Book Guy. Middle Earth?? How do the hobbits fit into this, LoL? The 4th of July 7 years ago... so like age 3. Everyone is crowded in the park on blankets getting ready to watch fireworks. The redneck family gives their kids embers for dinner... gross. The four kids go and press all of the buttons on the fireworks launcher, leading to horror, and flaming swords (the kind used as sandwich picks) land on each of their hands. Everyone thinks Bart is the "bad apple," so Marge leaves the group... which turns into a lesbian party after she leaves, LoL. Maggie spitting out her pacifier at Bart made me laugh. It amuses me that Marge thought that Homer enjoyed the other dads, and it amuses me even more that all of those couples were still together! The Flanders joke at the end was okay, too.

Family Guy (S09E08): Peter had never even heard of redbull before? seriously? that's way old. omg the cow's udders caught fire because of how fast Peter was milking, LoL. The wheel from The Price is Right killing people was scary. Plagiarism, haha. I wonder where the flower went, LoL. Why would Brian eat Peter? I never would have noticed the doctor's tan if it wasn't pointed out to me, LoL. "I know, I saw the caption," hahaha. But the afterbirth silly putty HORRIFIED me. Who didn't see Brian offering up his kidneys coming? Stewie's snot was out of control. Chris and Meg reading together was just awkward. "Mike Obama" ???

Bob's Burgers (S01E01): Now, I'm not planning on making this a regular show, but my husband wanted to watch it so I gave the premiere a chance. Ouch on the re-re-re-openings. Daughter Tina is the grill cook. Daughter Louise is on the cash register. Gene gives samples outside. Dad tells him not to give samples to those coming out of the funeral home, LoL. "Tina, don't put your hand in" ...since she has an itchy crotch. Bob is bad with dates... they totally drove home that point! EWWWWWW the samples were on the ground. "Child Molester... comes with candy" is MUCH FUNNIER than "Bacon-ings." September 3rd is their anniversary... got it. The molesting conversation was weird. Tina may or may not be autistic. Allegedly the FDA allows 4& human in burgers hahahahaha. Nice shout-out to UF and "don't taste me, bro." "I don't tell you how to grill your corpses." What exactly did Bob moving the car for the guy do? [it's about this point that my husband admits the show isn't that good. I agree by saying "I didn't expect it to be] and now it's over.

Kate Plus Eight (S02Exx): not sure when episode #2 is.

Cake Boss: Next Great Baker (S01E06): I'm having a difficult time now, since most of the contestants left, I like. Baker's Challenge: decorate a 3-tier wedding cake with old school techniques. Buddy demonstrates drop lines, lattices, borders, all kinds of fancy stuff. Brian is nervous because he doesn't have a lot of piping experience and he avoids it at all costs. Jay is thrilled because this is "his thing." Buddy talks about how you have to get "in the zone" because there are other bakers making all kinds of noise while you work. They can pipe whatever design they want, but they have 45 minutes and it better be good! Corina mentions that she doesn't do string work or piping, but she's getting into it! Jay starts with swagging with a large tip and some lattice work. Then he wants to do drop strings and points. He said he wants to die piping, LoL! Megan finds dropline design to be therapeutic. But her bag bursts on her bottom layer with five minutes to go so she has to wipe it completely... but she's not that upset. I liked that everyone's cake was a different color. Brian said he found it enjoyable. Megan's lattice is loose. No bottom two because they're all pretty good. Jay wins, Dana comes in second. Jay's was a little more difficult and a little higher quality. Jay gets to pick his team, and he chooses Corina (because he hasn't worked with her yet!) and Megan. That leaves Dana and Brian... but Buddy moves Jay over there. And Buddy doesn't want the teams uneven.... so, surprise, Joe is back! Buddy says he sees potential, plus Joe has issues working on teams. Joe says that he doesn't want to quit and that he wants to make great cakes. Corina is going crazy and wants to cry. The judges will be Joey and Julie, a wedding planner. She talks about the bride... traditional, clean, lots of tiers, spider mums and calla lilies are her thing, she wants apple green and purple, and they can go from there. It's six layers and they only get six hours. Two bakers go to the box truck this time!! Jay leads his team, of course. Corina has a great idea so she sketches, but Megan is ultimately the leader, so she can act as a buffer. Joe has to cut the base, do the flange, etc. White Chocolate Champagne cake with sweet almond frosting is Brian's specialty for wedding cakes. Cream cheese icing and vanilla cake for Megan's team. Joe's flange isn't centered. Joe says an eighth of an inch won't matter, the girls say it will. Joe does it again. They also have to build a tasting cake for the bride to taste before the reception starts. They switch to a square board. Ribbons, flowers, everything is looking great for Jay's team. Less than 2.5 hours to go and Megan's team can finally start to stack. Corina asks Megan to delegate something to Joe. She asks him to make the lilies, but they're turning out badly. The girls make more. I'm LOVING Jay's cake! They have to bring the cakes to a photoshoot on the roof of the building. I was surprised with how much taller Megan's cake was than Jay's. Joe admits that Jay's cake was nicer. Buddy has the cakes tumble off the roof. Most everyone is noticeably upset, except maybe Corina, who is kinda giggling. Buddy says that sometimes, things happen. The new challenge is to remake the cake, in just 4 hours. If you have to downsize or go to Plan B, do so. You have to make the bride happy (who is choosing the winning cake, by the way!). I thought this was a smart challenge. Jay's team is cranking it. Megan has Joe do another board. Jay is nervous about letting Brian cover two of the layers of the cake. Joe is nervous about the stability this time. He feels that he's not being heard. Megan's cake is leaning a little bit since the dowel is bowed. Joe is aggravated. Corina and Megan ask Jay what to do instead of Joe. Joe keeps pointing out that he's a plumber and he knows structure, hahaha. The lean is noticeable, but the girls are trying to ignore that, LoL. Brian says that their cake is better than it was the first time. The cakes traveled in the truck without people in there with them! Megan's cake was "very good" from the bride and "terrific" from the groom and "moist" from Buddy. Megan's design - crooked, great flowers, beautiful. Jay's cake was "very good" from the bride, "liked the sponge" from Buddy. Aesthetically, the cake was beautiful. Groom agreed with bride on both looks and taste. The bride chose Jay's cake. Joe feels like the girls will use him as a scapegoat. Final Elimination comes, and they compare the original with the re-do. Wedding planner likes the second one better. She likes the layers being different sizes. Joey doesn't like the almond flavor, neither did Buddy. Jay was a great leader, and they all get released. Corina and Megan think they're a "man down" in skill for cakes. Corina says it was completely unfair, and Megan thinks all of the contestants will agree. Joe made calla lilies and says that since it was his only job, he did a great job and the bride liked them... but Megan admits that she and Corina made the lilies that actually went on the cake. Joe did do the leaves, the coloring of leaves. Wedding planner loves the colors of the flowers. It looked too sloppy and not as professional as the other. Joey says they nailed the taste, and Megan was responsible for the cake and icing. Corina claims she and Megan worked like crazy. Joe says the same about himself, but the girls don't agree. Joe gets sent back to the box truck. Corina says she should stay because the design was hers and she wants this, she "has to have this." Megan says she belongs there, she has things she wants to show him, and that she won't let him down. Corina brings up the design being hers, and Megan tries to throw in some defense, but Buddy cuts her off and says that he made the biggest mistake by saddling them with Joe... they both get to stay after all. He tells them that he doesn't want to see them in the bottom two again. Joey tells Buddy he's getting soft, but Joey agrees that they both deserved to stay. The first time he left, he was a quitter... this time he accepts it.

House, M.D. (S07Exx): no episode this week. #9 on the 17th.

How I Met Your Mother (S06Exx): not this week. Episode 14 to come.

Teen Mom 2 (S01E01):
Jenelle: broke up with Andrew. Jace is 9 months old, and Jenelle graduated high school. Her mom thinks she should care for her child more, not going out at night all the time. Andrew is sending child support. Jenelle puts the baby to bed and then goes out... she doesn't think it's a big deal at all. Jenelle's mom makes the bottles. Her mom tells her that she isn't "stepping up." Her mom is constantly telling her what to do - what to dress him in, when to powder him, etc. Her mom unplugs the internet and Jenelle takes the router. Her mom follows her, Jenelle throws the router on the floor, tells her mom to leave, then shoves her. Jenelle is staying with friends. Her mom is suing her for custody of Jace. Jenelle said she's going to kill her mom. She walks in and screams at her mom. Jenelle crowds her mom and screams at her and yells at her to get in the house. Her mom looks forward to seeing her in court.
Kailyn: she lived with Jo and his family. Isaac is 7 months old, Kailyn graduated high school and has a part-time job at Sports Authority, and is planning to start community college. Kailyn shares a car with Jo and he's really controlling over every mile she puts on it. Jo doesn't want to deal with the fighting, so he tries to break up. He says that he feels taken advantage of. Kailyn isn't sure if she can live with her mom (who's a flake). Kailyn tells her mom about school expenses and her breakup, and she asks about where Kailyn will live. Her mom didn't offer, so Kailyn asks Jo's mom what she thinks. She offers up the basement, and Kailyn thanks her. She has to borrow her mom's car since Jo won't let him use his anymore. She's thinking of dating someone else.
Chelsea: Adam, the babydaddy, and Chelsea broke up. He comes to see baby Aubree once a month. She's making up her schoolwork at home, but did miss her original graduation date. She just turned 18 and wants to move in with her friend in another house. Her dad will pay her rent if she gets back on-track with school. On move-in day, Chelsea didn't pack clothes for the baby so when she has diarrhea, she has to call her mom to help. Her roommate, Megan, helps with the baby. They have friends over since it's hard for them to go out. Leopard-print keyboard, WHAT??!? She starts dating, but her first one goes weird.
Leah: Leah had cheated on he babydaddy (Corey) with her ex, Robbie. Corey dumped her, but she wants him back. The girls are 7 months old (Aleeah and Ali). Leah cares for them on her own during the week. She finished high school from home. Corey is seeing other people. Leah is disappointed that Corey doesn't go to her graduation. Leah makes him dinner on what would have been their one-year anniversary if they were still together.

Minute to Win It (S02E19): Mother & Daughter: Lynn & Bethany. Daughter is a model. She wants laser hair removal, mom is a little surprised she said that. Bethany says she's self-absorbed, LoL.
Game 1: Baby Rattle: the 2-Liter soda bottles are connected at the mouths, filled with gumballs in one container. Shake the gumballs into the other side in one minute. And you're doing one of these in each hand. Bethany goes for it... this one reminds me of the shake-weight, LoL. Both are done with 27 seconds to go.
Game 2: Glass Road Trucker: Build a road out of 8 upside-down glass bottles, then blow a ping-pong ball from the first bottle across the tops of them to land in a shot glass that's sitting on top of an upside-down pint glass on the other side. Lynn goes for it. She spends half of her time on the set-up, then blows the balls but they keep falling off. One comes close but she ultimately loses. She goes again. She is about the same pace, and all her daughter keeps saying is, "remember your technique!" Her mom came close once, but lost again. Mom is visibly upset, and she doesn't want to try again, but daughter says she can't, so mom must. She goes again... set-up complete with 36 seconds to go, so the "road" was built a little faster this time. And mom gets the ball across with 24 seconds to go.
Game 3: Ready Spaghetti: Team Game: pass a dry linguine noodle through the middle of a soda can tab so both people can pick up the can without touching it (they have to hold the noodle in their mouths. Do this three times to stack the cans into a mini-pyramid. They talk strategy for a while, LoL. The first one was kinda slow, and they drop the third while stacking, and the fourth falls too, and then they're out of time. Wow, they lost early. sucks.

Lisa and Travon, a random match. Lisa is a dance teacher and wants to win the money to help out a family member with brain cancer. Travon is a father of three and a fire captain who wants to buy a house. They get Lisa's sick sister-in-law on the phone.
Game 1: Chocolate Unicorn: stack 7 chocolate snackcakes (one by one) on your own forehead. Hold it for three seconds. Travon tries. He messes up, has time to try again, and messes up again. He doesn't even try again since there's like 10 seconds left. You can hear his kid calling out from the audience that "it's okay." Travon goes again, and gets it on the first go-round.
Game 2: Noodling Around: Use a piece of uncooked spaghetti in your mouth to pick up six pieces of penne, arranged around a table. If the spaghetti breaks, you can't try again. Lisa goes for it, and Travon is kinda flirty in his cheering, calling her "baby" and stuff. She's done with 15 seconds to go.
Game 3: A Bit Dicey: balance 6 dice on top of a popsicle stick held in your mouth. They have to be stacked for three seconds total. Travon goes for it. He claims he needs to redeem himself from the snackcakes, LoL. I didn't like his stacking... it wasn't perfect, LoL. He made me nervous with his speed, too. His stack of 6 falls at 29 seconds, so he starts again. He's speedy again, and has to start another time. He ends up losing. Lisa goes for it because Travon is shaking and not focused. Lisa is slower at stacking and watches her stack closely. She gets the sixth on at 22 seconds to go, and she makes it by a hair of a second before it topples.
Game 4: Brush with Danger: Team Game: 13 feet apart, the team must get a toothbrush balanced on a large loop of dental floss into a cup on a pedestal in the center. They had neat strategy ideas, and Travon led the team, and they made it with 18 seconds to go!
Game 5: Gettin' Juggy with It: Stack four empty 5-gallon bottles on top of one another to form a tower. Lisa goes for it. Lisa gets it fairly easily, with 22 seconds to go.
Game 6: Iron Board Man: Team Game where you roll a marble onto one of three designated holes on an ironing board covered in holes. They both have to pick up the ironing board to maneuver the marble. They looked like the knew what they were doing and came close many times before ultimately running out of time. Lisa told Travon a few times that he was moving too fast, but at least they got to share $50,000.

Better With You (S01Exx): Episode 12 got moved because of President Obama's speech. Not sure how they'll work on when this will air...

Wipeout (S04E01 & S04E02):
This is technically "Winter Wipeout" so there's a new course. On the qualifier, there's a house to cross in front of, with obstacles. The big balls are still there, and now you take a conveyor belt to get to them so you can't delay yourself AT ALL, there's a sweeper with a ton of pedestals to jump to/from, and really inclined logs that move to get past, complete with a central spinning part, LoL. You also start going down on a sled, haha. I laughed when the top part of the door at "Nana's House" swung out and knocked over the first girl, LoL... and then she gets hit by the second one, too! The number of times that they needed to censor her pants was ridiculous. "Human Bagpipe" was freaky. haha, a girl who can actually lick her own elbow. The "easiest route" sign was funny, since there were no other choices, LoL! BandGeek did really badly on the big balls, haha. The log jammer also messed with him, LoL. "I'm on television and America's about to watch me get hurt" hahaha. Nobody made it across the final obstacle, LoL. Wow, a real Olympian! The second round is the ski lift... you're standing on a platform that spins. There are sweeper arms around it, and as you pass one, you use an overhead handle to pull yourself up so you don't get knocked off. As you go, the sweeper arms get higher, LoL. It was entertaining to watch, since everyone did different things and part of the strategy was simply holding on! The handles are also on ropes, so you swing a lot, hehe. It came down to the twilight-loving mother of two and the Olympian... the Olympian won, LoL. Round 3: get across the seven letters of "wipeout" first.. each with its own tricks. "O" gives most of the competitors quite the challenge. After the first person gets all the way across, everyone has to swim back and start again. We're also only taking the top 3 instead of the normal 4 to go into the final round. There were some good jokes about the guy nicknamed "Fruitcake." I wasn't a big gan of how the "U" worked... you couldn't really pass someone if they were in front of you unless you fell, LoL. First, get launched into the air, then climb moving stairs up and down, get past vertical sweepers, and finally the "sinister snowflakes" which is kinda like riding through gears that have pegs sticking out, if that makes any sense, LoL. Fruitcake made a bad "Grandma got run over by a Reindeer" joke. The bobsled launcher seemed scary. Fruitcake maneuvered the stairs nicely but ended up falling at one point. He falls off the first plank in the sweeper right off the bat, but makes it all the way on the second try. 11:33 sounds like a good time, LoL. Wow, from the top of the steps to the water is quite a fall, LoL. I was wowwed when the Twilight-girl finished in 6:50!! Tour guide girl also falls quickly from the first plank. She got stuck on the second "snowflake" for a few revolutions, but ultimately doesn't fall and finished in just 3:46!! I was super-surprised to see almost half-lifes in time between contestants, LoL!

Second Winter Wipeout: Qualifier starts with mogul madness, then the balls, the snowball sweeper, and the log jam. I like Mogul Madness better than last week's Nana's House. Mogul Madness is grabbing onto a zipline (wearing some fake skis that usually fall off early on) and trying to make it past two sweeping arms and a U-shaped revolving "U." The logs have actually gotten more difficult, as there's a mousetrap-like bar on the first log plank. Haha, I liked the "Christmas Card" pose they made with the one girl. "I kinda want to know what it's like to be punched in the face" was one girl's reasoning for why she's on the show... um, yeah. and hahaha on the "we don't have money to buy the rights... but it's something from Footloose" LOLOL. Wow, a girl made it through the moguls! and later a boy with six toes, LoL. The log jammer got some awesome wipeouts! Six-toes also made it through the snowball sweeper! Dang, 2:17 total!?! Next: Hold onto handlebars while on small rotating platforms 10 feet about the water. Life yourself over the sweeping arms that keep getting higher (aka no change from last week). The fact that the announcers weren't talking about who was falling down was funny. I was surprised with how long the final four or so contestants lasted! Ondo lasts the longest. The third round is the same as last week as well: make it past seven "letters" of obstacles. Every time one person finishes, everyone has to go back to start. There's way more of that blue-green gel on this course this week... gross. Again, the hurdles on the "U" got crowded. Broadway Babe, Six-Toes, and Erick are in the final round. The final round is the same as last week, except I think there's more water streaming by the "sinister snowflakes" (aka the final obstacle). Broadway Baby goes first. She gets the stairs pretty well, but falls on her way down so she has to start over. The second time, she fell before just before she got to the top. The third time she falls near the end. The fourth time she makes it. She makes the next part just fine, but the snowflakes trip her up and she falls. She makes it the second time for a 19:13 final finish. Erick goes next. He falls from the stairs on his first attempt. Fake snow starts coming down pretty hard. He belly-flops onto the final set of stairs and falls. He makes it all the way across on his second try, still going belly-flop style, LoL. He makes the next part just fine, too. He falls off the first snowflake, then falls off the second snowflake. He falls on the second snowflake again. And again, as he goes over time at the same point. Last, Six-Toes goes... he falls off the stairs, then falls off the stairs again. He struggles on the next obstacle, but makes it on his first try. He falls off the first snowflake. He makes it the second time, finishing with a time of 7:48.

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Off season/Coming Up:

Hot in Cleveland (back January 19th at 10pm for 20 episodes of season 2)
Kitchen Boss (Season 1 premieres January 24th)
19 Kids and Counting (Season 6 starts January 25th)
Cake Boss (Season 4 back January 31st)
Mr. Sunshine (premieres Wednesday, February 9th at 9:30pm on ABC)
The Secret Life of the American Teenager (March 28th at 8pm)
South Park (season 15 starts April 27th)
Melissa & Joey (some point in the Spring)
Table for 12
(missing "summer," "busy day," "jumping in," "brace yourself," "back to school")
Futurama (Season 6 continues with episode 14 in the Spring)
Teen Mom (no idea)
16 and Pregnant (no idea)
Terra Nova (previewing in May; premiering in September)
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