Saturday, August 6, 2011

Halloween on Teen Mom & 2 Eps of Wipeout

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Teen Mom "Trick or Treat" (S03E05): Halloween all around.
Maci talks to Ryan about Bentley's birthday party and trick-or-treating. Maci and Kyle take Bentley to the aquarium for his birthday, where they see he's afraid of a lot of the animals. When Ryan has Bentley, his parents tell him he needs to get the kid more often. They have his second birthday at a Pump It Up place. Ryan wants to go to court. [I agree that Maci isn't being fair.] Bentley dresses up as Barney. 
Farrah: Farrah is in her last semester of culinary school. Her mom is gluten-free. She's working on a business plan as part of her final. Farrah's mom had her do too much business stuff in the project and it got a negative reaction from the faculty. [so... what's next? Is Farrah actually going to open a restaurant? is she going to move?] We don't see Sophia go trick-or-treating, but she does paint a pumpkin.   
Amber:  Amber is getting harassed in public because all of her issues are in the paper. [haha, sucks to be her.] So she and Leah are looking for another house to rent. [if Amber is having issues with people bothering her, why would she just say "come in" when there's a knock at the door??] Gary seems to have gotten his license back, but Amber still doesn't have a valid one. [her constant complaining is so annoying. if she didn't act stupidly, there'd be nothing to be upset over. GET YOURSELF TOGETHER, AMBER!] She finds a realtor who will drive her to see a few places. [::shaking my head::] Gary's mom takes Leah trick-or-treating because Amber would just get harassed. She finds a place to live. Leah dresses up as Cinderella, in a costume Amber's mother put together.  
Catelynn: They go to a haunted corn maze. Catelynn needs a resume to apply for a specific job and she doesn't have one. Catelynn tells the store owner that she doesn't have a resume [why not make one?? but, honestly, I blame the schools. We had to create one first quarter of ninth grade and turn in an updated one once or twice a year. As a result, I got in the habit of updating it regularly before I ever had a job.] Tyler tries to apply at a pizza place. Catelynn is probably graduating in March, but Tyler says he'll start college in January. [how does that work?]  Tyler got the job, and he's thrilled. [Why isn't Catelynn applying to more than one place?] Catelynn gets her job, just 1-2 days a week.

"Ballsy Gets a Hard hat" (S04E24): The Qualifier starts with the Car Wash (cross a floor next to a wall that has panels popping out... while being bombarded with soapy foam), then Driver's Ed (get across a series of blocks, holding onto spinning steering wheels that sometimes have airbags pop out from them... plus pedal shooting out), the Big Balls, the Jiggalator (two vibrating platforms you have to cross), and the Double Barrel (large rotating oval with two circles carved into it. Jump in and ride around, trying to get out onto a platform on the other side). Next, Total Carnage - everyone starts on one platform, having to leap from one to the next, trying to avoid a sweeper arm that comes around with a crankshaft on one end and three spinning rings on the other. Lots of early wipeouts this time. Onward to Round 3, Detour. Here, contestants have to go through an obstacle course of sorts, consisting of bouncing pedestals, sweepers, spinning platforms, tilting platforms, and bricks being thrown at you. After one person makes it through, everyone starts over for rounds 2 and 3. [BodyGuard is agile on this one!] Photo finish on the winner of the second round.... CheerMom beats out Rambow just slightly. But that's okay, Rambow got it in the third round. The WipeoutZone starts with Flume of Doom (7-story plummet), Iron Maze-in (enter a vertical, rotating maze on the yellow, climb through it to exit through the red), Axel of Evil (ride three revolving prongs on the end of a sweeper arm to get to another platform), and Great Wall of Fall (get across a wall pretty much made of pegs that shoot out and retract). Rambow is first and takes the clockwise route on the Iron Maze-In. He comes close but falls trying to land on his exit. He chooses the counter-clockwise strategy after that, and exits just fine. He fumbles once on the Axis of Evil and once on the Great Wall of Fall (where he succeeded mostly on the worm method). He finishes at 16:37. CheerMom is next, and she slips up once on Iron Maze-In, twice on Axis of Evil... and time runs out before she ever gets to Great Wall of Fall. Except, she decided she wanted to finish anyway... [odd. but good for her.] BodyGuard had a great start but bounces around in the Iron Maze-In a little bit. He's still got a great run, landing the first two big obstacles without wiping out. The Great Wall of Fall causes him a tiny bit of trouble, but he still finishes at [a very impressive] 4:41. 
Wipeout "Is That a Potato in Your Sack or Are You Just Happy to Wipeout?" (S04E25): [longest title ever, no?] The Qualifier starts with Kindergarten Chaos (run along a wall, hopping over some ropes while getting pelted with finger paint and kickballs), Big Balls, Mood Swing (use a slide to get to a swinging platform, then jump off and onto the platform on the other side), and Nana's Kitchen (climb through bouncing holes while dealing with bouncing bowls of food and pits of gunk. Then get yourself over two corn dogs that move around hydraulically). LandShark has a good run, especially on the Big Balls. [DoubleCornea had an interesting story - was blind until two years ago when she underwent a double-cornea-transplant.] DoubleCornea actually made it across the big balls! [though it sure didn't look like she would when she careened toward the first one!] Next, Scare-ousel: Everyone on a red platform. Get across a couple pedestals, grab onto a red dangler, ride it over some bouncing hurdles to a specified platform, cross a few more pedestals, ride a yellow dangler over some sweepers to the finish spot! Onward to SuperSack. All wearing potato sacks, contestants have to jump over a sweeper arm that comes around... while standing on pedestals 10 feet over the water. Last person standing in each of three heats moves on. Jermaine wins the first round. LandShark takes the second. PumpkinFarmer takes the third slot. [BellyLaughs was hilarious, too bad she didn't make it to the Zone.] The WipeoutZone includes Chariborne, Over-and-Out (jump onto a giant rotating platform and either run fast and get off again, or brace yourself between it and smaller platforms to ride it around and then jump off. then do it all a second time), Pointbreak (climb up some stairs to go down a slide, hoping to land in a specific area... because the whole contraption is revolving and 500 gallons of water comes down on you while climbing the stairs), and CoinToss (race across a bunch of cylinders spinning end-to-end). LandShark is first. He struggled hard on Over-and-Out, not even getting past it until around 12:40. He speeds through the remainder of the course though, with a final time of 13:38! [didn't see him being a good competitor after the Over-and Out!] Jermaine is next, and after one fall from the Over-and-Out, he quits due to shoulder pain. [more and more people are quitting midway lately, it seems.] PumpkinFarmer struggles a bit on each obstacle, but ultimately wins with a time of 13:03. [This show is starting to wear on me... though the mentioned that there will be crazy new obstacles next week, so let's keep with it...]
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