Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Maci Drops, Farrah Grieves, Amber's Meeting, Catelynn Passes

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Teen Mom
"Without You" (S03E07):
Stockings are hung at Maci's place, but I think it's January because Maci's dropping classes based on a Spring 2011 academic calendar. Tyler is finishing school so it's December there, too. They're wearing coats and hats where Farrah is, so it's definitely fall/winter. I'd even guess December since that's the time of year when Derek passed away. No big clues for Amber, though it must still be soon after the previous episode given her housing arrangement. 
Maci: Kyle still doesn't have a job, so he distracts Maci from her schoolwork. [I can't stress enough how hard it is to be near your significant other and go to school. My husband and I lived 330 miles apart for six years so we could concentrate on academics.] She tells Bentley that they'll be "bored as hell" when he leaves. [why would you curse so bluntly to your child?] Ryan's dad picks up Bentley. [God forbid Ryan ever picks up his own son. Though at least he's working full-time.] Ryan needs to call the mediator and get a copy to bring to a lawyer. He does, and is advised to use the element of surprise and not tell Maci he's been talking with a lawyer. Ryan is trying to get Bentley to give up his pacifier by offering him train toys - but it doesn't work. Ryan drops off Bentley. [oh good. he's putting forth some extra effort.] Maci kinda wants to be a stay-at-home mom now. And she drops pretty much all her classes... [wasted money, opportunity, ambition, and so much more!]
Farrah: Farrah wants to go see Derek's gravesite, since it's been two years since he passed. Farrah's mom is going to come, too. [why are they bringing the dog along on the road trip?] As soon as they get close, Farrah starts tearing up. She spends the rest of the episode emotionally vulnerable.
Amber: Amber is still getting her place ready. [how long is she holding onto her old apartment?? and why are her nails so obscenely long??] Both Gary's mom and Amber's mom are at the Child Protective Services meeting. Amber's mom's advice to her? "Don't use the F-word." and "don't forget you're a mother." [hahahahaha.] After the meeting, Amber and her mom get into an argument. [again, boring Amber storyline.] 
Catelynn: Tyler will finish in December and Catelynn will finish in March. They'll walk together in June. They want Carly at graduation. [I think that's reasonable.] Tyler's done with school and his mom wants to have a party - he invites his dad but he says he's working. [that outfit Catelynn wore the night before Tyler's last day of school made her look huge. Catelynn cheering over a 65% disturbed me. Yes, she needed a 60%, but barely squeaking past that was disappointing - she says she's all ambitious, but this doesn't show that.] Tyler thanks his mom for pushing him to finish school. "I don't want to be a loser" was his reasoning for why he stayed with it. Catelynn asks Tyler to wear a promise/engagement ring, but he won't. [I don't see this continuing, so I wonder why they chose to show it...]
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