Tuesday, September 27, 2011

HIMYM: A Great Barneyism; Ted + Victoria

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Thank goodness that this show is on the air. It's so good. It has its "off" episodes here and there, but this season has been pretty darn solid so far. This week we have a classic Barney-ism, a bet that fits right in with the typical, high intensity How I Met Your Mother stakes, and someone revealing to Ted what he cannot see for himself. All around great, if you ask me. But what did you think?

How I Met Your Mother "Ducky Tie" (S07E03): Marshall now has a tie with ducks on it, that he rather loves. [loved the hashtags by Barney.] We get a quick and concise flashback story of Victoria that was well-done. [What's with Marshall's hair? loved the pregnancy breast jokes, haha.] Both of these things were needed to set-up the rest of the episode, which really was jam-packed with content.

Marshall wants hibachi food for dinner, so they go there [what's with Robin's hair? It's not 1995...] Then, Ted begins to tell the group about how he ran into Victoria... but Robin jumps in and makes some corrections. [I always love when we get multiple views of the same story, this show does that quite well. haha on Barney and Ted both hanging out daily with Robin, their mutual ex. I guess I don't think about that often...] As they sit there listening to Ted, Marshall is fixated on the hibachi chef, and Barney makes fun of the hibachi tricks. Well, of course, Marshall bets Barney that he can't pull off three specific tricks by the end of the night: the onion volcano, the beating rice heart, and shrimp-in-the-pocket. If he pulls it off, he gets to touch both of Lily's breasts for one minute, including one squeeze. If he can't do it, Barney has to wear the duck tie for a YEAR. [those are some rough stakes. But Lily is the Queen at compromise on them!] Anyway, back to Ted's story... he offers to do Victoria's dishes because he feels bad about the way things ended so many years ago (seriously. It's been like six years.). Well, Victoria is about to get engaged, but Ted might still want things to work out between the two of them. [you know, typical Ted.] Turns out, Victoria met soon-to-be-fiance Claus in class in Germany and started seeing him a day and a half after Ted broke up with her (you know, when he started seeing Robin...). Regardless, Victoria and Ted kiss. [again, because it's Ted. no other good reason.] A small note, however, that Ted doesn't tell the gang but he does tell his kids.... Victoria told Ted that he can't have a successful relationship until he stops letting Robin be such a big part of his life. [and we know this must be a total mind-blow for Ted. He doesn't see that being around Robin all the time is holding him back. And now we have to wonder what he's going to do and how long it's going to be before he does it. Ideas? I mean, just look at this seasons-old image to the right... there's no way that he doesn't think about her all the time.]

During Ted's oft-interrupted tale, it starts to look like Barney has been milking the "hate hibachi" bit and actually has taken lessons so he'd have an "in" with a future potential bet.In light of this realization, Lily decides to let Barney see her boobs for 30 seconds instead of going through with the bet and the possible full minute of feel. [interesting idea...] But, at the last minute, Marshall thinks that Barney is bluffing, so they call the bet back on. Well, Barney pulls off the first two tricks without a problem, but she flashes him on the third, so he misses the shrimp-in-the-pocket. [how hard is the beating-heart, really? LoL.]
the kind of coin?
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