Tuesday, September 27, 2011

2 Broke Girls: Caroline in Deep Doo-Doo

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

So we still have two twentysomething girls who live together, work together, and are hoping to start their own business together in about a year. This second episode looks at how Caroline continues to meddle in Max's life, and we get a glimpse at a more vulnerable side to Max. Overall, I didn't care for this episode as much as the first one, and I thought a possible break-up between the two girls was way too early in the show to be believable... I mean, they're bound to stay together... they're listed in the title, guys.

2 Broke Girls "And the Break-Up Scene" (S01E02): Max is her normal charming self with some customers who want special orders. [still like it, but I think this will get old before the season is out.] Max has a new dark chocolate cupcake that she has Earl sample. [I think hearing about the continued evolution of her baking is a good idea.] Caroline got two bucks from a homeless man to whom she told her life story when he asked for spare change. [I'm pretty sure that this was my favorite moment of the episode! So funny!] According to the boss, it's Caroline's second day at work [didn't she have two days of work last episode?] and she's already really focused on the cupcake business instead of her real job. [gotta love people with high hopes!]  

We make it to four minutes before a major sex joke this episode, but then there are three within a minute. [which I really don't like... but, hahaha on "equestrian Barbie came with a horse!" But, in general, Max's sarcastic wit is funny, but I'm just not laughing.] Anyway, back to the story... Caroline can't sleep on the couch because of the discomfort and noise, so she asks Max if she can share part of the bed.
Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS
[I thought the joke about being so blonde that she acts as a nightlight was amusing.] Then, Robbie comes to the apartment and Max can't confront him while Caroline is in the room so she takes his key (tons of keys on that ring, by the way!) and sends him on his way. The next morning, Caroline is planning on talking to the manager at a bakery about Max's cupcakes. [Ginger-apple-strawberry juice... yum!] But, Caroline slips in Chestnut's (remember? she has a horse), droppings and ruins her one fancy (Chanel) dress. She then apparently (off-screen) pulls a knife on Max and demands a hot shower, so Max takes her to the apartment where she nannies and Caroline cleans up there. [though I especially loved that she took a nap while there, haha!]

Later, Caroline has the manager of the bakery over to the diner so she can sample the cupcakes. But, the meeting doesn't go so well when Max finds out that Caroline handled Robbie picking up his stuff. Max had wanted a great break-up scene where she tells Robbie how much better off she is without him, but Caroline "stole" that from her. So, Caroline gives her a chance to break-up with her, instead. It doesn't last, though, since Caroline took the dream money and got drunk and comes back the same night (you know, since she has no money and no friends now). The next day, Caroline hardly remembers the night before. However, they did make up, and DrunkCaroline wrote and signed that she will not meddle in Max's future relationships and that she'll buy her some more "poor people chips."

Total so far: $364.25 (they did lose out on $23 for cocktails, plus a little for juice)
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