Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Walden's Reckless, Alan Mooches

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I think that they too long (like 1:45) recapping the first episode of the season. but I guess that's not the world's biggest gripe. Otherwise, I enjoyed this episode. It had a lot of funny, funny moments, though I hope we get to start seeing more Jake soon! Who cares about Evelyn, anyway? Oh, and how in the world did they come up with the name "Walden," anyway? It weirds me out, I think...

Two and a Half Men "People Who Love Peepholes" (S09E02): Walden has asked Berta to stay on as the housekeeper, and now she'll be a live-in. We hear her thoughts as they have a conversation, and they're hilarious. [she finds Walden totally hott, as pretty much every woman we've seen him encounter does. I don't see it, but maybe the long hair and scruffy face just don't do it for me. What do you think? I included an image to the right in case you haven't seen the show and don't know what "look" Ashton Kutcher is playing...] Alan leaves his keys and garage door openers and hugs Berta good-bye. [Walden didn't get Alan's "People who love Peepholes" joke! I thought it was hilarious!! Actually, I'm laughing again, even! But, Walden is just SO goofy. He makes me laugh. I love it. Oh and the fact that Alan forgot Jake was good, too].

Alan gets to his mother's, and she begins to panic when she sees him unpacking... she was thinking he'd only be there a couple of weeks. [not sure what made her think that. The guy wasn't able to move out of Charlie's for eight years, but he will suddenly become independent? Idon'tthinkso.] Turns out, Evelyn likes kinky sex and makes sure Alan knows it. [probably to freak him out so he'll move quicker, LoL.] back at the Malibu Beach House, Walden doesn't know anything about what kind of shampoo or toilet paper he uses or even where to get it. He calls his wife to find out, and asks her to take him back while he's got her on the phone. [it's things like this that make me love the character. I mean, who throws that into a casual conversation?] That evening, Alan heads out to get away from his mother's sex noises and runs into Walden, who was returning some books to Alan. They decide to head out in Walden's $100,000 electric Fisker. [lmao on the "I was dating a poster of Molly Ringwald" joke. Yay Pretty in Pink! LOVE IT!]

It's only a matter of time before Walden admits that he's lonely, and starts speeding away toward his old house. Walden really wants to see Bridget, so he convinces Alan to help him break in. But, as they proceed to climb the fence, Bridget electrifies it and they fall, writing in pain. Turns out, his wife basically left him because she had to be more of a mother than a wife to him. [makes sense with what we've seen so far!] She doesn't let them stay long, however, and soon Walden is driving like a madman again...

Alan wakes up laying on Walden's chest, both naked in a chair on the back porch. Turns out, Berta is out there, too, and she suggested they (maybe just the guys, maybe all three of them?) go skinny-dipping the night before. Girls have apparently been showing up at the house looking for Charlie on and off, and Alan has to tell one about Charlie's death. She seems heartbroken initially, but is instantly over it when Walden walks in. [hahahahaha.] Then, Bridget shows up to talk to Walden, and he tells her that he wants to prove he can be a "grown-up." [this should be rich...] The episode closes with Walden thanking Alan for helping him out (otherwise, Bridget may have thought Walden had moved on) and Alan asking to stay with Walden for "a few days, a few weeks, a month, tops." [hahahahaha!]
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