Sunday, October 2, 2011

Giveaway: Psych T-Shirt!

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

This week we're giving away a Psych T-Shirt! You may be familiar with this USA show because it's been on for a while now... the sixth season premieres October 12th! So, we've got this goodie for you just in the nick of time to celebrate!

The Prize: This is a black t-shirt, Adult size Large. The front depicts Shawn and Gus. Above the "Psych" name it says "Private Eyes" and below it reads "They're Watching You!"  The back of the shirt has a small design near the neck. It says "psych" on the first line, "To Predict and Serve." on the second, and "Comic-Con 2011" on the third. Yes, this shirt was picked up at Comic-Con this year, so it is a limited edition of sorts. It is not wrapped in plastic but is brand new. Images can be seen below.

To Enter: Just leave a comment (related to Psych) below by 11:59pm (Pacific Time) on Saturday, October 8th. Consider mentioning who your favorite character is and why, or maybe a prediction of your own for something that might happen in the new season. Also, if you're not logged into something to comment, considering leaving a way to contact you, like your twitter handle, email address, or a link to your site. A winner will be chosen on Sunday, October 9th via random selection.

Thanks for entering and let us know if you have any questions.
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buffy_OU said...


Lobbyman said...

Why, my favorite character is Gee Buttersnaps. (Gus, of course!)

libbyskidge2010 said...

This is my best friend Gee Buttersnaps (Kate) and my favorite show. To celebrate it's return we are throwing a party, pineapple and obscure 80's references in enormous supply. This season I see Buzz , who happens to be one of my favorite characthers in the show taking a bigger role in the story line and I think it may be the season Lassie finally gets back on the dating train.Dule (Gus) posted a photo of James (Shawn) dressed up like wait for iiiiiiit Indiana Jones I can't wait to see where that's going. As you can see I'm a Die Hard fan less like Die Hard 3 and more like Die Hard 2 but that shirt would be the perfect touch to my Psych party ( you know that's right) .
Twitter - @ libbyskidge2010

Anonymous said...

I have been watching Psych since the beginning and I love that show, I get all the references, and I can always find the Pineapple. You really believe Shawn and Gus are best friends and that is what makes the show great.

Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm so happy Psych is coming back soon! Whoo Hoo! @TwittnBoutChuck

Bucket826 said...

Love this Awesome show!!!

Anonymous said...

I heard that, Gurton Buster aka Burton Guster.
twitter: @tati050

aaronwhite83 said...

Just finished a 48 hour Psych marathon and would LOVE to have that shirt!
As much as I love Shawn, I gotta go with Mr. Burton Guster. Always the smoothest man in the room!

Also, may I add, they should totally bring Freddie Prince Jr. back for another guest spot, loved his character!

Anonymous said...

Juliet is my favorite because she is strong, independent, yet can be soft and gentle. Plus Maggie is dating Kames so she is officially the coolest person ever. :) twitter- @ncisloverunite

TheInfiniteBeast said...

Shawn is my fav because he's a "psychic"! I'm actually a lot like him, I have a photographic memory, I can tell a lot about a person just by the way they act/talk. To celebrate the new season me and my friend are having a party with plenty of pineapple stuff. My predictions for the upcoming season are: shawn being a boss (like usual), shawn will somehow get out of the lie detector thing, and lots of people will die (because if there wasn' wouldn't be a crime comedy...) find me @kutarimeikitato or @infinitebeast

westwingwolf said...

"I've heard it pronounced both ways."

I think Juliet will find out the truth about Shawn's lack of psychic abilities this season. But I'm not sure how that will go.