Tuesday, November 8, 2011

2 Broke Girls: Johnny's Got a Girlfriend...

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

The writing in this episode isn't the most original. Not a big deal, since it's still got some great moments (Max's morbid fascination with hoarding? let's see some more of that!) and not too many sexual jokes (the first few minutes were rather heavy, as usual). I was also glad to see that the gals made some money this week... it frustrates me when their amount goes down, haha. Also, I've sucked my husband into this show as well... this was his third or fourth episode, but this time he actually requested to watch it, rather than me just putting it on while he's in the room. Of the new shows I'm watching this season, I wasn't expecting this to be an interesting one for him, but I support it - let's get the numbers higher!

2 Broke Girls "And Hoarder Culture" (S01E08): The episode starts with Caroline not being able to remember table numbers because of the way Oleg says them. [well, when someone is always throwing in the number "69," I would probably have issues remembering the right numbers, too.] Johnny comes in wanting two cups of coffee and two day-old cupcakes, and Max gives them to him on-the-house. Han even sees that there's a spark between Max and Johnny. [this doesn't really surprise me though...he seems to have very little else to do, haha.] Caroline looks for jobs on Craigslist, and finds one for Professional Organizer, but she's scared to go alone. [Craigslist is so hit-or-miss. I've had a lot of good experiences - buying stuff, selling stuff, and getting jobs - but I've had a couple of creepy ones, too....] The girls go to Caroline's new job as an organizer, and it's a hoarder's apartment. Caroline is freaked out and Max thinks it's awesome. [I was really intrigued by how "cool" Max thought it was.] They are now charging $100 per person per day, and they're getting a horse head made of cans for Chestnut. [... you know, because Chestnut would want that...]

Johnny is still tagging billboards and asks Max to be his lookout the following night after work. [why is graffiti so popular these days? We saw a lot of it on Switched at Birth as well. and, "if it's after 2:30, the call is for the dirty" haha, Han.] All three of the guys at the diner offer Max condoms. [everyone on this show is getting to be overly close, don't you think?] Shortly after Max and Johnny climb the billboard, they take a beer break. Max begins to lean in for a kiss but Johnny says they need to get back to work.

Back at the hoarder's apartment, Max finds a bunch of kittens (45?) and Douglas (the hoarder) says they aren't his... turns out, his mother also lives there! [I am kinda fascinated by the idea that they couldn't even tell how many people were there... just SOMUCHSTUFF!] Max admits to Caroline that she likes Johnny. [I love how Max thinks that the hoarding thing is a "show."] When they walk out of the building, they see Johnny coming, so Max kisses him... and then has to show his GIRLFRIEND the same affection... claiming that she's "incredibly friendly." [hahahaha! Reminded me a little of that scene in Friends where Chandler kisses Monica and then has to kiss Rachel and Phoebe. Also, Caroline all in white and Max all in black was strange, too.]

Back at the diner, all three of the guys try to help Max feel better... thanks to Caroline telling them. [you know, cuz they're like family...] Johnny comes to the diner to apologize... he doesn't know what's going on with his relationship these days. Caroline thinks that it's admirable that Johnny didn't cheat on his girlfriend, and Max is offended that she and Johnny have known each other for six months and he's never mentioned having a girlfriend. [both good points, but I agree more with Max.] Caroline and Max see a billboard of a guy who looks kinda like Johnny kissing a girl who looks kinda like Max. [strange. and even more reminiscent of Switched at Birth.]

New Cupcake Bakery Total: $623.25.
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