Saturday, November 19, 2011

2 Broke Girls: Max and Johnny...

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

This episode was yet another that really seemed to do nothing but further the girls' friendship. And I thought that was unnecessary. For Pete's sake, can't they make some money? I feel like their cupcake fund hasn't grown in AGES! I know that they need to keep the numbers from skyrocketing to preserve the title of the show, but what's wrong with advancing the numbers at least $5 a week here? I hope this Johnny mess is over with now, though... I'm sick of him.

2 Broke Girls "And the Really Petty Cash" (S01E09): There's a birthday in the diner and Caroline thinks they should sing for the patron, but Max stops her. Han wants to come up with a new birthday song that's original to the diner, but he needs to put more heart into it. [haha Tiger Mom!] Johnny shows up and Max sports some extra cleavage to talk to him. [haha on the Teen Mom references.] Turns out, Johnny just wants to be friends. [awwww.] Caroline thinks that Max should be depressed and "take to the bed" for a while, but she wants to just move on.

Caroline heads to the coffeeshop and Johnny comes over to see Max. He kisses her. [just friends? yeah, right!] Meanwhile, Caroline sent an email blast and got them a catering job - 100 cupcakes by the next evening, for a public art show where Johnny will be displaying work. They're paying $500, which thrills the girls. Max tells Caroline that she and Johnny kissed. [I wasn't imagining Max to be so kiss-and-tell!] Johnny's piece that looks like he and Max kissing is up at the exhibit.
Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS ©2011 CBS Broadcasting Inc.  
And, speaking of things at the exhibit, Johnny's girlfriend is there, too... turns out, SHE hired them because Johnny raves about the cupcakes. She also knows about Johnny and Max. The reason they're making $500 is because they're also staying to serve them, which is news to the girls. Eventually, Johnny shows up and says that he's been with the other girl for two years, and Max feels like a homewrecker. [I always thought that was a married-specific thing. But I guess in this day and age, notsomuch.] Max says that it's not cool and she can't be his friend... then gets a little drunk and kisses Johnny again. [what?? his girlfriend is THERE, yo!] Since they won't be paid until all the cupcakes are gone, they eat one each and stuff the rest in their clothes. [hahahahahahahahahaha!]

The next morning it's revealed that Caroline bought the art piece with the $500, and tells Max to bust it to say goodbye. [That's the biggest waste of money EVER!] Caroline unplugs Max's alarm clock so that she can "take to the bed."

Total Cupcakery Fund: $623.25.
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