Sunday, November 20, 2011

Two and a Half Men: It's a Dream...

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Not the world's greatest Two and a Half Men episode, guys. In fact, it wasn't that great by any show's standards. It was your standard "character has a dream for the bulk of the episode and we don't know it until the end" scenario. And, in Alan Harper fashion, many things in his life managed to go wrong in a single swipe. But, at the same time, it really was as crazy as you could possibly imagine. Short of his office burning down, Alan was having the worst comeback of his life. And then we find out that it was all a dream. I wasn't a fan. At all. Not even of the remodel. But at least Jake had a funny line. Let's hope for more next episode...

Two and a Half Men "Frodo's Headshots" (S09E09): 28 days after Alan checked into the mental institution, he's on his way out. [7 days in our time is now 28 days on this show? ooook...] Gary Busey was his roommate. [oooook again...] Jake picks up Alan... and promptly tells him that he got Megan pregnant when he was drunk. He hasn't told his mom yet, either. ["If it's a boy we're going to name it Frodo." hahahahahaha.] Alan has Judith and Herb over, and the news of Jake's child comes out quickly. Walden points out that Millie looks like Alan. [oh good, maybe this will turn into something interesting...] Alan also owes the IRS $80,000, so things are just getting better and better... not.
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Lindsay is over at the house... she's with Walden now. [hahahahaha!] They want Alan to move out so he doesn't hear them having sex, so Walden packed up Alan's things and put them in a storage unit. [wow... that's rough!] Alan goes to kill himself via car exhaust, but the car is broken down so it doesn't work. [saw the fact that the car wouldn't be able to do it coming though.] Then, Alan heads to Evelyn's but she won't let him in, so he goes to his storage unit as a last resort. A hottie, Veronica Hastings, comes by to ask for a flashlight. Then, Herb stops by... Millie is indeed Alan's daughter... so Herb shoots Alan. Then, we find out that it's all been a dream... Alan's still in the "stress clinic." [and while many other people apparently realized that it must have been a dream earlier, it was only when Herb showed up with a gun that I thought something was really off...]

Jake picks up Alan for real. Jake asks for advice on advancing his relationship with Megan... he's only been to third base with her and wants a monogamous relationship while she wants to see other people. In the end, Alan yells back, "wear protection" and Jake says "wearing it now!" [hahahahaha!] Alan gets inside and the remodel has been completed. [wow.] Walden has made the house run on voice commands... but only his voice. [hehehehehehe!] The episode ends with a Jesus motif... of Walden. [what in the....?]
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