Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cake Boss: Cakes for a Movie

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

This episode was kinda weak. Nothing fabulous or innovative went into either of the featured cakes. We didn't see much of Sophia, though it was her "help Daddy day." We also didn't get any new information regarding the vow renewal plans, though Buddy and the two older sons got fitted for tuxes. I thought maybe we'd see Sophia shop for a dress, but maybe that'll happen with the aunts? Or when Lisa goes to buy other clothes for the trip? Or maybe she'll just wear that fancy communion dress she got not long ago?

Cake Boss "Props, Pies, & Party Time" (S04E34): [Cake 1:] Maurizio is turning 21 and wants a Hawaiian luau-themed party. Anthony makes fun of Maurizio for having to work on his own cake. [well, in this family it is a little funny.] The cake will be a volcano in a tiki hut stand. Sophia is there to help with the luau cake a little. [Ralph has shaved his mustache.] Maurizio wants to have fire in his cake, so he works on that himself, too. Lisa (the one who is Buddy's wife and Maurizio's sister) sees Maurizio work on the fire and gets upset, since the party will be at her house. So she goes to get Buddy, who puts a top to it (though, by that point, many of the employees went out to see it, too). The volcano will spew out tropical drinks. [but not really. it looked like a tube coming out of the volcano, now lava, LoL.] The tiki bar cake is gigantic and gorgeous. [I was a little sad that they cut it open so quickly.] They get fire-torch-holding hula dancers.

[Cake 2:] A filmmaker comes in and asks Mary to pie a guy in the face for her. Then, he talks to Buddy about wanting a cake to be in a wedding movie he's working on. Buddy wants to do three cakes - two real and a styrofoam, so that everything works out. They go for a tasting platter and Mary pies both film guys at the same time. [haha!] Wedding cakes are Buddy's favorite type of cakes to make. [Why not do just the layer you'll have to cut be real on two of the cakes and everything else be styrofoam?] Rachel struggles to get the replica cakes to look exactly like the first, but Buddy thinks they're really good. Mary went with Buddy to Connecticut to deliver the wedding cakes. They bring a bunch of pastries too. Then, a food fight starts. [they certainly were a fun group!]

[The Family:] Buddy's two older sons get fitted for tuxedos.
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