Wednesday, November 9, 2011

House: Chase & Taub Return

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

The patient in this episode was pretty amusing... though I thought his "confessions" were a symptom way before anyone else thought that! I thought the pool over the paternity of Taub's children was predictable, but was a little sad that we didn't find out the truth in the end. I was surprised that Chase just took a long vacation and surfed while House was in prison... why assume that he'd get a job again at some point? I imagine that this will be covered more in a later episode, especially since Thirteen really did something so similar. While it was nice to have a fuller cast again, this episode didn't do a whole lot for the overall show, at least in my opinion. What did you think?

House "The Confession" (S08E05): [First, the medicine...] In the small town of Cedarville, there's a festival where one guy is getting a community service award. Later, he is making out with Miss Cedarville (not his wife) and passes out. [this made me sad. how come nobody ever stays faithful to anyone??] He awakens and asks her not to call an ambulance. Chase and Adams confront the patient, who says that the girl was a one-time thing. The patient seemingly has seizures when he feels guilty. [this didn't really make total sense or stay consistent...] House sends Taub and Park to the motel to check for environmental factors, and they come back with some really gross information. Looks like the patient needs a liver transplant, but he won't let friends and family get tested unless he tells them the truth about who he is. So, he not only admits his affair, but also says that he's cheated most of the town at his mechanic shop, and he stole $10,000 from the scholarship fund (of which he was treasurer) and gambled it away. [random crimes, I think.] He apologizes, and only two possibly donors stay... neither are matches. [Adams is so judgmental!] Miss Cedarville is afraid that the townspeople will find out it was her with whom the patient had an affair, and that she'll lose her title, her job, etc. The patient's skin started peeling off. [ahhhhh! super gross!!] The patient then admits to Chase that he murdered his business partner by shooting him in the head and making it look like a suicide. He says he also killed a few more people, leading Chase to think it's a neurological issue, and it turns out that he'll apologize for anything. He has a disease that generally presents only in Asian children. [well, you know. If this show didn't come up with near-impossible scenarios, they'd have run out of things to write about by now!] The patient's wife returns to the hospital after hearing that the guy has been apologizing for false things, and asks him if he did have an affair... he says that he hasn't and never would. [lies. everybody lies. let's move on. ::shaking my head::]

Cr: Adam Taylor/FOX
[Now, the drama...] Foreman wants Chase and Taub to spy on House. [did anyone NOT see this coming?] He also asks Wilson for advice on dealing with House, but Wilson won't help him. Unfortunate, since Foreman is afraid to leave House in the hospital alone... and ends up staying for days because House won't leave. [hmmm. interesting. and sucky. I also thought that it was amusing that Chase told Foreman he's a sell-out.] Taub needs a babysitter for his two daughters since House made him come back a week earlier than planned. This is also the first time that he's caring for both simultaneously, and luckily Wilson is suckered into watching them for a while. House wants to DNA-test the kids, as he has a pool going on which kid, if either, is Taub's. [hahahaha.] Even Wilson tries to help get a sample of Taub's DNA, but that doesn't work. Instead, Taub ends up admitting he's weak to his daughters, and swabs them himself. But, House steals the DNA results before Taub could look at them. In the end, Taub shreds the results, with neither House nor Taub reading them. End of the episode? House gives the team martinis and unveils the new office... it's just an empty space, but now there's a door that goes up, revealing part of Wilson's office. [I honestly thought that was stupid. How did Foreman approve that? Why would that ever be necessary? Why didn't they have ANYTHING ELSE done??]
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