Thursday, November 24, 2011

Two and a Half Men: Walden Can't Date

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

What a humdrum episode! Highlights: Walden has two houses and a private jet, complete with pilot. He also is still too hung up on Bridget to date anyone else. Alan is still in deep debt. Jake doesn't know the Eiffel Tower is in Paris. Read on if you want some more details... but there's not much to it. We need more Berta!

Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS
Two and a Half Men "A Fishbowl Full of Glass Eyes" (S09E10): [I didn't catch the title in the episode at all this episode... did you?] Walden and Jake go grocery shopping, and Jake asks if he's really worth a billion dollars. [hahaha. yeah, I could see him asking that.] Walden confirms it, though he's not comfortable talking about his finances. Jake is angling to become his paid personal shopper, but Walden talks about being interested in shopping because he finds out about new products he never knew existed. [that is a bonus about shopping that you don't get if you don't go.] Walden has two houses and no yachts, for those keeping count of his assets. He also has a private jet already, with a college-educated pilot. A girl hits on Walden at the grocery store but he doesn't realize it, so Jake helps him and suggests he ask out the lady.

Alan is trying to figure out how to pay his credit card bills... with more credit cards. [kinda over-done at this point, isn't it?] Alan mentions that maybe he could ask Walden for a loan, and Berta tells him not to, since everyone in Walden's life wants something from him. [that's probably true.] So, he heads down to try his luck at a pawn shop. He tries with a desktop Gateway computer, some "diamond" cufflinks that Evelyn gave him years ago, and a crystal vase. The pawnbroker offers him $1200 for the vase... and Alan accidentally knocks it over. [wow that sucks. and SO Alan!]

Jake does odd jobs for Walden, like wash & charge the guy's car for $100. [I love that Walden isn't sure if that's "not enough" for the service. I also like how Walden is wearing a bow tie.] Alan suggests that Walden take off his wedding ring for his upcoming date... and he finds out that it's made of rhodium, the most expensive metal on earth. He gives it to Alan because he felt like it was an anchor... and Alan proceeds to imitate Gollum with the "precious." Over dinner, Walden sums up his life quickly, and the attempted suicide catches the girl's ear. [well, yeah...] Walden soon admits that he's still in love with his wife, and things start to turn downhill, though Walden doesn't really realize it. His date has a five-year-old and is also a divorcee.

After being dumped, Walden calls Bridget, who agrees that he's still too hung up on her. [why does she even answer the phone when he calls?] While all this was going on, Alan tries to pawn the ring, but can't go through with it, even after learning it was probably worth over $10,000 (and possible more, since Alan made a joke about the figure being a phone number!). Alan gets home and Walden asks for the ring back... then throws it into the ocean. [wow. just wow.] Alan promptly goes in after it. He returns to the beach house empty-handed, and Walden asks about it... Alan tells him the truth. [I wasn't sure the truth was coming, haha!] Walden tells Alan that he doesn't lend money, but he does give it away, and if he needs some, it's fine. Walden starting charging Alan rent because it would make both of them feel better. [though we all know that Alan isn't really going to pay... at least a reasonable rate, LoL!]

In the end, Alan heads back to the ocean, rather than accept $100,000 from Walden.

Somehow, Jake ended up in Paris, via the 250,000 frequent flyer miles that Walden gave him (he can't use them with his own plane). Sadly, Jake isn't even sure where he is... while looking at the Eiffel Tower.
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