Thursday, November 24, 2011

HIMYM: Thanksgiving SURPRISE!!

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I'm just going to start with the spoiler, guys. ROBIN IS PREGNANT. omg, what!?!? I can't believe it myself. Before this episode I didn't see it coming, though I did get suspicious mid-way through the episode. I want it to be Barney's. I'm kinda done with Kevin. I wonder, though, if they're going to put a little too much Chandler from Friends into the idea. When Barney wants to have a kid but acts like he doesn't to Robin, it reminded me of Chandler telling Phoebe he was going to propose to Monica but acting freaked out about the idea to his bride-to-be. What do you think about the matter?

How I Met Your Mother "The Rebound Girl" (S07E11): Lily and Marshall think of selling the house in Long Island, but when they head out there for the open house, they fall in love with the stock furniture. [this just seemed very strange to me, LoL.] When they get home, they feel like their apartment shrank. Marshall and Lily tell Robin that they're thinking of moving, and she immediately starts trying to talk them out of it. Marshall wants to let the universe decide. [again?? what's up with that?!?] The upstairs neighbor mentions that he would want to buy their apartment, so they see that as a sign. [of course. too good to be true, you guys. Ghostbusters reference, LoL. The apartment getting smaller and smaller was funny.]

Barney is in a bad place after the Robin fiasco, and Ted is in a bad place after the year that he's had. They decide that being gay would kick-ass, since guys understand each other. [hahaha!] Barney tells Ted that he's thought about having a wife and kids... or just kids. [just kids? wow. I don't know that I've ever talked to someone with that mindset. interesting.] Ted and Barney soon talk about starting a family together. [whoa whoa whoa... what??] Barney and Ted decide that they want to have a kid together, and come up with like 20 good reasons... ["good" being quite a subjective word here...] The next day, when sober, they still think it's a great idea. [wow... blindsided me there! Barney and Ted fill out an online application for adoption, but they struggle with several issues... like where to live (they decide on NYC during the week and Ted's Westchester house on the weekends), who would work (they decide to get two nannies... one for Barney to bang and one to provide childcare). [although I find Barney's lines hilarious, I didn't particularly care for this whole section.] Then, Ted comes to his senses and realizes how terrible a father Barney would be. [well that's probably a good point.]

Photo: Eric McCandless/FOX
Barney shows up at Ted's wearing a baby. They go outside and put it in a stroller... and are quickly inundated with women. They named their baby "Hurricane." [no comment.] Meanwhile, at Marshall & Lily's Long Island house, Robin locks herself in the bathroom. [And this is when I start to suspect Robin's pregnancy... even more so when Marshall went to talk to Robin in there.] Ted and Barney arrive with "their baby." James and his husband show up at Lily's, and it turns out that "Hurricane" is actually one of their children. James tells Ted that he wanted to have a baby with a friend ten years prior... but they're both glad that they waited. [makes sense!] Barney had gone out to find diapers when James arrived, and returns with dog treats and puppy pads instead. [disgusting, funny, and boggling. all at the same time.] Ted breaks the news to Barney that they can't have a baby together, and Barney goes to talk to Robin. Barney tells Robin that Ted was the one who tried to adopt a baby and rope him into it... and she tells him that she's pregnant!
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