Wednesday, November 23, 2011

2 Broke Girls: Caroline's Not a Good Elf

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I thought that the title was kinda strange. I thought that the mentions of the free Thanksgiving dinner were okay but they could have showed some action. I missed Max not being rude to any customers, oddly enough. I thought that, while there weren't too many sexual jokes in this episode, the few that were made were over-the-top, offensive, and made the episode not worth even remembering, let alone watching again. I also didn't like seeing this side of Caroline's character, but perhaps it needed to come to light.

2 Broke Girls "And the Very Christmas Thanksgiving" (S01E10):  After a nice haul in a night's tips, Max tells Caroline not to get used to it because the holidays are a low-tip season - people prefer to spend money on presents and whatnot. [really? I feel like I always tip extra around the holidays... is that just me?? or is it old-fashioned?] Caroline and her dad used to rent out the Waldorf Astoria and feed the homeless on Thanksgiving. Han wants to do something for Thanksgiving at the diner, like decorate. But, instead, Oleg says he'll pay for the turkeys, Max and Caroline will work for free, and Han just needs to open. Earl will even bring the pie. [LoL!] They put a moving blanket on Chestnut, though it won't stay warm forever. [good point! are they really planning to board the horse in their backyard all winter?] Max asks Caroline how she's holding up with her father in prison... she's going to be allowed to visit for the first time. [awww. poor Caroline. has she no other family?]

Caroline wants to learn to bake with the holiday season coming up. [EWW on Max's outfit... really? denim shirt with an ugly-@$$ belt overtop??]  Caroline puts a cup of milk into the mixer but doesn't put a towel over it when she turns it on, so it spatters everywhere... then it gets ripped off the counter on accident. [omg on the "Christmas comes/(ums but once a year and I think it just did" comment was horrendous!] Caroline finds out how expensive mixers are, and she thinks that they should go work as elves for extra money and an employe discount. [seasonal work can be a good thing...] While waiting for an interview, Caroline chats with a girl named Mary, who is REALLY into Christmas. Caroline's dad calls and tells her that he doesn't want her to see him in there so she shouldn't visit on Thanksgiving. [awwww. :(] The girls get the jobs and will start at 3am on Black Friday. [...yeah, I guess that makes sense! I just hadn't thought about it. wow.]

At 2am after Thanksgiving, they finish serving 200+ free turkey dinners at the diner. [True, you can't really say "get home safely" to the homeless... but I guess I'm not a New Yorker as I'd never say "get home safely," it would be "drive safely," LoL.] Max offers Caroline a 9-hour-energy-drink, though Caroline wonders if it's cocaine at first... and Max says that if they could afford cocaine, they could afford a mixer. [I thought that this was well-written, well-said, and hilarious.] Caroline drinks the whole thing at once and gets a little speedy, as opposed to Max sipping it. [oh geez...]
Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS
Caroline wants to join the carolers instead of being an elf. [gross "period costume" joke. for real.] Max gets upgraded to Mrs. Claus, which pays $2 extra per hour. [Why didn't Caroline just take Max's tights?] Caroline starts saying inappropriate things in front of the children, and wants Max to tell the kids that Christmas is all about buying cr@p. [I don't get it... we're supposed to think that taking the energy drink is what made Caroline so crazy, impatient, and rude? Notsomuch. Also, Caroline saying, "Max, you got me everything," was way too rough.] While being kicked out of the store for almost telling the kids that there is no such thing as Santa (luckily Mary steps in and shuts Caroline up - see photo!), Caroline steals a wooden spoon. They gave $2 to the Salvation Army Santa. [not the neatest comment.]

Total Cupcakery Fund: $621.25

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