Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Last Man Standing: Kristin & Kyle...

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

There really wasn't too much to this episode. Mandy started to have a storyline but didn't. Eve had a few fleeting moments here and there. Nothing big with Mike or Vanessa. At least we saw Boyd for a few seconds this time. Really, it was about Kristin and how she wants some independence, despite the fact that she's living at home. We also learned that her room is significantly larger than Mandy's or Eve's. But yeah... I thought this episode was a dud... did you like it? Catch something I didn't?

Last Man Standing "House Rules" (S01E08): Kristin is 20 and doesn't pay rent, so her curfew is midnight... she's not a fan of this. [midnight is indeed kinda early, but it makes sense that her parents don't want to be up with the baby later than that.] Kyle fell asleep in Kristin's bed and in the process of hiding him from Mike, he jumps out the window... and when he's limping across the lawn, Mike spots him. [I thought this was fairly funny, though not hilarious.] Vanessa isn't freaked about Kyle spending the night, but Mike wants to control the world. [I did think that Vanessa under-reacted though...] Kyle tells Ed what happened, so when Mike comes to work looking for Kyle, Ed's "in the know." [human wheelbarrow?] Mike does another video, with a "once a month" joke and several references to keeping girls safe from boys. Later, back at the house, Mike calls a family meeting - he doesn't want anyone else using his computer, bras hanging in the bathroom, shirts must be worn over bras, no "shenanigans" in the house, and Mandy has a 10pm curfew because of her history grades. This interferes with her plans to see the new Cirque du Soleil show with Travis, and we don't even find out how that works out in the end. [why not? why drop that part completely?] With the "no shenanigans" rule, Kristin decides to move out... and over to Kyle's. [strange Happy Ending joke. I couldn't figure out what was going on with Kristin's sweater... Why was the back a different color? And I also noticed that the actress who plays Eve smiled twice during this episode and I don't think she was supposed to, LoL].

At work, Kyle tells Mike that he's in love with Kristin. So, Mike goes to the diner to talk to Kristin. [sushi melt?? gross!!] He invites her to come home, promising to treat her more like an adult - no curfew, but no shenanigans in the house. [that's pretty reasonable. But ewww on Kristin's outfit when she came home from the date! look to the right to see what I mean... And what was the point of Eve measuring the door frame? Door frames are fairly standard sizes, LoL.]

Oh, speaking of Eve... not much with her this episode. Basically, she gets her period, is moody, and has a pimple.
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