Thursday, December 15, 2011

2 Broke Girls: Caroline Buys an Oven

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

They wasted no time busting out a sex joke this episode! I laughed at the idea of a 2am staff meeting, as I spent a few months have 6am staff meetings weekly... what an inconvenience! But, you have to have it when everyone's available, so you do what works. I wasn't really clear on where this episode was going for a while, though obviously the title's description needed to happen. I thought it was a strange title, as everything relating to the pop-up sale took place rather quickly, and I don't know that it was the center of the story. Oh well. At least we may see some progress now that they have a new oven. Right? 

Photo: Darren Michaels/Warner Bros.
2 Broke Girls "And the Pop-Up Sale" (S11E12): At a 2am staff meeting, Han reads comment cards to the group. It's no surprise that Max was rude, Caroline was cute, and the food isn't always good. Han than tries to tell Oleg to wear deodorant and shirts with sleeves, but everyone knows that's not actually written on the card. The next day, Oleg and Han get into a fight. [weird tiger shirt on Oleg. good for this show. usually those characters are pretty mundane and useless.] Oleg won't work until Han apologizes, but Max fixes the problem when she hugs him... though he unzips her shirt. [weird. and very Joey Tribbiani, I thought.]

Back at the apartment, the pilot light is broken so Max and Caroline throw lit matches at the oven. [whoa there. that looks entirely too dangerous... I loved the line, "we're so poor that I have a sock I refer to as my good sock." hahahahahahaha!] Caroline has some fancy rings and wants to sell one to get a new oven, since Max doesn't want to tell the landlord that they have a second person living there, etc. So, the next day they go to a cash-for-gold store but Max has second thoughts after Caroline talks about the memories she has from the rings. If the business doesn't work out, Max will feel awful. Turns out, they are only offered $275 for the ring, which is about a tenth of its worth, so they don't sell anyway. [man! that woman was RUDE!] Caroline then gets the idea that maybe they could try returning it to a local Thomas Aristotle Thomas store. They head there (without the receipt), and Max starts mentioning that Caroline was beat by the guy who gave her the ring, so the sales girl starts to help her anyway. However, the manager comes over when he sees Caroline... she got him fired from his previous job by accident when she complained about cigarette butts outside... and they were his. Then, Caroline gets another idea... have a pop-up sale. It's quick and they could leave before anybody knows about it. [so now they're going to sell multiple rings? where di that part come from? Or are they going to have this for just the one ring?] They say "pop-up sale in the ladies room" a few times in the elevator and wind up with some buyers, but when two girls Caroline knows come into the restroom, she ditches Max. As she's dragged to lunch by her old friends, she tells Max to sell the rings. But, Max doesn't sell any rings because she doesn't think that it's true that she and Caroline are "in it for the long haul." Caroline proves that she is when she secretly Caroline sold all of her rings and got just enough to buy the fancy oven that Max had her eye on but never thought she'd have. Caroline apologizes and the girls hug. [ridiculous oven. stupid hug. and WHEN ARE THEY GOING TO START ADDING TO THE FUND??]

Cupcake fund: still at $621.25.
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