Monday, December 19, 2011

December 19th Holiday Recommendations

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

If you weren't overwhelmed with the holiday schedule before, you will be now! Below you'll find some of our recommendations for holiday programming to watch or DVR for Monday, December 19th. For a full listing (which is getting long since many networks are really focusing on holiday specials now!), check out our Holiday Programming Schedule. As always, times are Eastern and Pacific to the best of our knowledge (except when noted otherwise), but it's always good to double-check with your own provider.

5am, 4pm (PT): Yogi's First Christmas (Boomerang)
- I'm in love with this special. I really think that it's one of the best things EVER. Yogi and BooBoo are always hibernating during Christmas, so they miss it. BUT, this year, they wake up and are able to take part in the festivities. Ranger Smith is busy trying to keep the lodge owner happy, even though both her nephew and a mean old hermit are trying to spoil everything. The Hanna-Barbera gang is able to spread the Christmas spirit in the end. :) The songs are cute, though many are recycled from Flintstones, Casper, etc.

1:30pm: I'll Be Home for Christmas (ABCFamily)
- I'll admit it: I own this movie. The idea that Jonathan Taylor Thomas has to get himself across the country by Christmas is funny. Things just keep working against him, but the prize of a vintage Porshe doesn't leave his eyes until he is almost home... when he realizes why it's important to see your family around the holidays. My favorite part? The cooler on the bus! I won't spoil it, but that part is pretty unbelievable!

5pm: Friends "The One with the Routine" (TBS)
- I love this episode for two reasons. First, the fact that Monica and Ross entered the high school talent show together. I loved their dance, as well as the fact that they just tried SO HARD to be on camera! Second, the fact that Monica left a hidden note for Chandler, saying that she knew Phoebe and Rachel would crack him when it came to searching for the gifts Monica bought.

8pm: The Golden Girls "'Twas the Nightmare Before Christmas" (WEtv)
- I've talked about this episode before. The girls all had plans to visit their loved ones out-of-town for Christmas, but because they ended up in a hostage situation, they aren't able to make their transportation arrangements. There's a cute scene at the end where they're all sitting at a diner, and Blanche in particular shares about her past.
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