Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pan Am: Farewell 1963!

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Well, nothing is official yet, but this is still technically a "season" finale, rather than a "series" finale. But, it sure functioned as either one! Ending on a New Year's Eve episode is a nice wrap-up, and having the main cast sharing that midnight moment provides a lot of closure. Kate has the option to leave PanAm, Dean is off for six months, Colette is taking a leave to search for her long-lost brother, and Maggie just came into enough money where she might not have to work for a while. However, there were still things left unraveled... Ted had called off his wedding to Amanda, but she's pregnant and he didn't even tell Laura before kissing her again, Colette just found out that she is Jewish AND has a brother, and we're not sure if Kate and Niko really ended things. Do I want the show to be renewed? Honestly, I could take it or leave it. I enjoyed the first four or five episodes quite a bit, but things got rocky and ridiculous in some ways. I think that they might have just been adding elements for "spice" toward the end, but that's a bit presumptuous. If it gets canceled, I won't be heartbroken, but if it gets renewed, I'll continue to cover it. If any of our readers stayed with this show through its entire first season, what do you want to happen to it?

Pan Am "1964" (S01E14) [Season Finale]: Richard shows up at Kate's in dire need. He's been shot by someone on his way to bring some microfilm to the CIA. [if you were really shot in the torso, I'm thinking you'd HAVE to get medical treatment, no?] He suspects a double-agent and tells Kate that she'll have to deliver the goods. The microfilm is sewn into her clothing so that it won't be found if she's searched. Richard tells her to stop for nobody, and when she runs into Anderson, she acts like she hasn't seen Richard. Anderson says that Richard has disappeared, and he's suspected of harboring some sensitive information. Rather than continue to the CIA, she heads home to find out what's going on. [yeah... something's not right here...] Richard had followed her... this was a test. So, he gives her the real microfilm now, which she uses to lure Anderson into a trap - he's the bad guy! [I didn't really put that together, so I'm glad that she was able to!] Richard goes to the hospital and Kate visits him. He offers her the opportunity to become a full-time agent, but she'd have to give up Pan Am. [but then we couldn't call her a SkySpy anymore!]

Colette is still with the prince, and he invites her to move to his country to begin a formal, six-month courtship. She'd need to take a leave of absence from her job, so she needs to think about it. [how interesting... go become royalty or stay an airline stewardess... LoL.] Well, after she's investigated, it turns out that her parents were Jewish and died at Dachau. [oh goodness! what a shock!] The monks at the orphanage changed her name to protect her. But, that's not all! A family photograph was found... Colette has a baby brother who was adopted right away from the orphanage, explaining why she doesn't remember him. [WOW. what heavy news to take in all at once!] This does end the possible engagement, as her Jewish background ain't gonna cut it in his country. [although she never said it, I think that Colette would have left the airline...]

Dean is called into a hearing regarding his actions in Haiti. Both his choice to land there and his bringing back of a refugee are scrutinized, plus a passenger filed a complaint against him. [well this doesn't look good...] Mr. Tripp, however, has written a letter that influences the board enough so that Dean can keep his job, though his flying privileges have been suspended for six months.

Maggie helps a smuggler bring some jewelry through customs. She insists on being at the exchange, which ends up being helpful, as the buyers speak in Portuguese. [her loose grasp of the language sure comes in handy...] Maggie recognizes enough to know that they're being ripped off, so they leave. Shortly afterward, two men with guns burst in. [wow! good thing they got out of there!] She goes back the next day and sells the jewels anyway, walking away with a ton of cash. [totally didn't expect her to get so much!]

Ted gives Laura another camera, and although Laura objects to the price, he tells her that PanAm paid for it. [remember that Laura lost her last camera when she was arrested in Russia for espionage.] He asks her how and when she realized Greg wasn't "the one," and she responds that she always knew but it took her a while to realize that she needed more in life. [interesting answer.] Ted then tries to tell Amanda that he wants an old-fashioned, faithful wife, but Amanda just accuses him of wanting to be with Laura. He calls off the wedding, then goes to tell his father. Meanwhile, Amanda goes to Laura, asking for the favor that she'll be Ted's mistress. [I'm surprised the room wasn't more awkward...] Laura asks Ted why he called off the wedding, and he says that Amanda is great on paper, but he's in love with Laura. Things change, however, when Amanda tells Ted that she's pregnant. [so, do you think she's faking or do you think that was her backup plan all along?] 

On New Year's Eve, the whole Pan Am gang goes to Ted's to watch the ball drop from his balcony. [where is Amanda?] Laura kisses Ted when he arrives, and Dean offers to help Colette look for her brother. [might as well, he has nothing going on right now anyway!]
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Anonymous said...

This episode was probably one of the best Pan Am episodes ever. The series, which has had ups and downs throughout its run, is basically good, just needs better writing. Too bad it was canceled, but hopefully, the rumors about Amazon pickIng up Pan Am are true. Maybe, instead of streaming on Amazon or something, it can become a book series. This is an unusual idea. But there are many bright sides to this. It is much cheaper than producing on tv, no bad acting, and, most importantly, no chance of cancellation.